Join SnowCrew and help dig out neighbors who are elderly or disabled

Map of Neighbors Who Need Help Shoveling

For most of us the snow is beautiful when it is coming down and a hassle for travel but for the elderly and people with disabilities it can leave them stranded in their homes with out access to needed medications, food, and services.

We can help! I invite you to join me in digging out our elderly and disabled neighbors by participating in a program called #SnowCrew run via

If you or someone you know need shoveling assistance help can be requested on the SnowCrew page,

Here is how to join SnowCrew




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Is there a way to see the map

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Is there a way to see the map without signing up for emails or downloading an app? I'd rather not do either of those things, but am "working" from home tomorrow, so would be happy to help some neighbors. In Southie, so guess the emails wouldn't work anyway.

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yeaaaaaah, watch out

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Some of these people seriously need to pay the neighborhood kid to shovel 'em out...I know I earned some money that way, and I lived in the burbs.

Last time I checked the "Snowcrew" there were a bunch of "my tummy hurts" type posts, and some of them were also older people who, when I checked the property records, owned the entire building in a triple-decker.

So, they're collecting +$3200/month in rent and they want you to shovel them (and their tenants) out.

Basically: punch the address into the city's property records search before you go and help out the "poor old little grandma" who "can't get her meds" unless you shovel her out...

One post last year was for shoveling/plowing/snowblowing out a RENTED PARKING LOT because the people who rented it out were le-tired and didn't budget for someone to come and remove the snow, and were too stupid to ask the property owner to include snow removal in the lease!

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Get to work, Walsh!

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Menino's guy who's in charge of snow removal leaves his job permanently today at three and Walsh hasn't picked a successor. He hasn't picked a chief of staff to help him yet either. We all may be shoveling every sidewalk and the streets too.

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