JP book box back

Jamaica Plain tiny free library

The tiny little lending library on South Street is back in business after disappearing a few days ago, with the following note inscribed on a plank underneath:

Dear Book Club,

I live in Chicago now. Coming back to this specific Book Club Box brings me much joy. When I saw it was gone, my heart sank deep into thedarkness of the place your soul would be.

I see now the Book Club Box is bigger than I, bigger than all its patrongs, admirers and all other affected bystanders. Thank you for being so strong. So unmoving.


Thomas Joseph Sullivan III



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    Peace in our time!

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    Peace in our time!

    (but seriously glad to see this)

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    ugh, this is not an improvement

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    The previous book shelter was awesome...if this is the replacement, I'm guessing the first one was stolen.

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    disapointed in UHUB news coverage today!

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    First the Ravencam, was hoping for camera ON THE RAVEN! "Hey, Voyeur, Meet the Murder!"

    secondly the JP Library, if you could put a real time camera on the library, I would not even have to stop and park my ca....Bike. Looks like some good copies of Mother Jones. Decisions, decisions.


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