New owner of JP's Centre Street Cafe promises new menu - except for weekend brunch, which will stay the same

The owner of Tres Gatos is buying the Centre Street Cafe and plans some renovations and menu changes before it re-opens this fall, under the same name.

David Doyle told the Boston Licensing Board this morning that he's working on an Italian dinner menu with a Mediterranean-influenced lunch menu as well, featuring such things as homemade pastas. However, he said he is planning no changes to the weekend brunch menu, which has long had patrons lining up on Centre Street.

Doyle is buying the restaurant from Felicia Sanchez.

He needs licensing-board approval to purchase her beer and wine license. At the hearing, representatives of the mayor and city councilors Matt O'Malley, Steve Murphy and Michelle Wu endorsed the sale.

Michael Reiskind of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council agreed, praising Doyle's work at Tres Gatos and the former Rhythm and Muse.

Doyle will continue to own Tres Gatos.



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    I will miss Centre Street Cafe

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    Felicia Sanchez has been at it a long time, so I don't blame her for selling, but wow, will I miss Centre Street Cafe. Tres Gatos is great if you're all about uptown, but Centre Street: that place has some soul. I also hope the staff stays.

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    Not a demise, a resurrection

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    I am cautiously optimistic about this switch. That brunch is great, but the idea of getting a reliably delicious pasta & pesto in JP, as well as the opportunity to get some of Tres Gato's Spanish wines with a basic Italian meal is very, very exciting. Felicia's presence will be missed, and there will doubtless be those who regret the changes and mourn for lost days past, but I'm so glad the institution grows, and survives, and (I'm predicting) thrives again.

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    I'm also optimistic.

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    I'm also optimistic. Admittedly, all I have ever gone to Centre Street Cafe to eat is their brunch, but if their new menu resembles Tres Gatos (small menu, simple fare, clear theme, some rotation, extremely tight execution), it will be a really nice option to have on that part of Centre Street. Bonus points if it means I can get decent Italian food without going all the way into Boston. I'm also curious to see what their wine list is going to look like.

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