JP's juggling jogger

Around 5:10 p.m., Robin reported:

ALERT. There is a shirtless man simultaneously jogging and juggling on Centre St. by the Arboretum.

Thanks to John Ruch, we now know joggling is a thing.



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    Or...... "Hey, this seems to

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    Or...... "Hey, this seems to make other people happy, I think I'll try it"

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    "Hey, this makes me happy and keeps me motivated to do exercise."

    Most people doing things by themselves are doing them because they want to, not for anyone else's benefit.

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    Like the kid who used to bike

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    Like the kid who used to bike up and down comm Ave playing 5 gallon bucket drums. Hey, it may bother 95% of the people I ride by but the other hipster trust funders who grew up sheltered think I'm super cool!

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    You're right, as long as it

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    You're right, as long as it doesn't physically harm me it's all good.

    It's not a big deal at all... it's a city and his drumming is far less annoying than horns, loudmouths, that yellow thing that grinds the tracks on the green line at 3 AM, sirens, etc. He's just an annoying hipster douchebag

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    "Look at the torrent of outrage we can get from old suburban white guys who think they are arbiters of acceptable behavior! It sure is fun to laugh at their spittle-flecked outrage!"
    -Alternate motto of JP

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    That's nothing

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    Compared to prancercising

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    Honestly where do u find

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    Honestly where do u find these things?

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    This is a thing

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    It's called Joggling. Before you groan too much, check out some of the records:

    Kirk Swenson (16:55, 5 km, 1986)
    Will Howard (4:42, mile, 2003)
    Michal Kapral (2:50:09, marathon, 2007)

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