Trying to jump from one roof to another during a party proves an unwise decision in Dorchester

Ambulance on Bellflower Street

After the fall on Bellflower Street

A roving UHub photographer happened upon a chaotic scene outside what had been a rockin' party on Bellflower Street in Dorchester tonight:

There were partygoers jumping from the roof onto a neighboring roof. One missed, took out the other house's porch railing, and landed three stories down into an alley. Taken away in bad shape.



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      damn yuppies

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      but in all seriousness, I hope they make it.. and the LL better lawyer up cause some college kids parents are coming for them.

      On racial stereotyping

      I get kind of self-righteous when people make racial assumptions about unnamed suspects in crime stories.

      That said, when I read the headline, I figured this part of Dorchester wasn't anywhere near Blue Hill Ave. While I am not a racist and believe black and Latino people are equally capable of getting drunk and jumping off a roof, it doesn't seem to happen to them very often.

      Personally, I blame white parents (as a whole) and their culture (as a whole).

      Hey, don't underestimate the "dreaded Students"

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      A few years ago, two houses over from me in Central Square at midnight during a weekend party. Off the roof and deader than a doornail.

      Alcohol induced Darwinism knows no racial or neighborhood boundaries.

      Roof jumping

      is a huge problem. The Mayor needs to assign one of the Flying Wallendas or Jackie Chan to head a stop roof jumping commission.

      I figured it was UMass

      I figured it was UMass students (given the location) or people equally young, and I didn't actually assume the victim was white. Statistically, it's probably not a sure bet in Boston given the diversity of Boston's student population and the universal human characteristic of being unwise when doing stuff with your friends.

      This was a joke about the commenters here for most "serious injury/crime in Dorchester" stories.

      Why are you bringing race

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      Why are you bringing race into it?? Who cares what race they were. Kids being stupid. Don't tell me you never did antthying stupid?? Really offended by your comment about white parents!! I can see who the racist is!! All white people are called racists but this was totally racist on your side. Disgusting

      Good to know that you're

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      Good to know that you're allowed to stereotype but the rest of us are all incorrigible racists.


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      Witnessed it

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      Sadly, we were on a roofdeck the next street over and saw this happening.

      The story isnt fully true. The kid did make it across, but couldnt jump back, so he thought he would play spiderman and scale down the back side of the house.

      When he was lowering himself down from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor, the banister gave way and he went crashing down 3 floors to the ground.

      Whats even worse is we watched as his friends stayed up on the roof of their house and kept drinking. I dont think any of them ran down to the neighbors backyard. When the police came, they shut their lights off, but shortly after the police were gone, they were right back up there drinking again.


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      That is incredibly coldhearted of this poor drunken fool's supposed friends.

      True, but,

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      As true as this:

      That is incredibly coldhearted of this poor drunken fool's supposed friends.

      is, the poor drunken fool shouldn't have acted so stupidly in the first place.