Jury acquits career criminal of 2011 murder of Jamaica Plain woman

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today acquitted Larry Pack, 32 of the gunshot murder of Brenda Pawlowski behind 21 Kenney St. on Feb. 8, 2011, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

However, the jury did convict him of unlawful possession of a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun ballistically matched to the murder, the DA's office says. Jurors also convicted Pack of possession of a silencer for that handgun, possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to distribute and possession a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Pack faces up to five years in prison on the firearms charge and up to an additional 15 years for being an armed career criminal at his sentencing tomorrow.



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    They could give him another

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    They could give him another 10 years wo parole if they went federal with the silencer and the felon in possesion


    Atta boy Dan

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    Our DA sucks. Plain an simple.



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    I guess he had the gun, its silencer and some drugs, but apparently they couldn't prove he pulled the trigger.

    What is wrong with you people

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    What is wrong with you people? You sound like a bunch of fascists! Did you observe this trial? I've been a criminal attorney for over 20 years, not guilty verdicts are extremely rare! Our Constitution fortunately gives each citizen the right to be tried by a jury, in my experience juries are the best at finding the facts and delivering just verdicts! Why do most of you rudely comment about something you know nothing about? It only shows your ignorance. Probably best for you to keep quiet!


    Yes Jimmy

    we are fascists who are ignorant to the true victim in this case Larry I'm packing Pack. Wrong place wrong time and a dead body to boot. We should all feel better and more safe knowing the Constitution protected this victim of circumstance.

    People often sell "used" (to

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    People often sell "used" (to kill someone) guns to people rather than throw them away because hey, free 300-500 bucks. The buyer is often unaware of the fact that the gun was used in a murder so it is a little unfair to automatically assume anyone in the possession of a murder weapon actually committed the murder. All he was proven guilty of was possession of drugs and the illegal weapon and guess what, he was convicted!

    Getting arrested with a gun that was used to kill someone is not enough evidence to convict someone for murder 1. If you can't employ logic and don't know even the slightest bit about the judicial system or criminal law then please keep your opinion to yourself.

    I know almost everything

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    I know almost everything about this case (sat through most of it). I'm surprised it even went to trial. Yes he was found with the murder weapon in his house (meanwhile the co-defendant was in the house at the time as well), but you need more than that to send someone away for the rest of his life. Did someone else leave it there? Was it a friends he was holding it for? Proving beyond a reasonable doubt is a tough thing to accomplish. Watching this trial almost everyday, I now have a great more respect for jurors. Even if it seems likely someone did something, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and unfortunately there was a lot of reasonable doubt in this case. And dont believe everything you hear and read about witnesses and cell phone records etc. all showing he was guilty because I saw none of that. Regardless, he is going away for a while. Feel bad for the victims family. Cant imagine...