Jury selected for Carlos Henriquez's trial

MassLive reports a Cambridge District Court jury was empaneled today to consider charges of assault and battery and witness intimidation against state Rep. Carlos Henriquez of Roxbury for a 2012 incident involving a woman in the back of a Zipcar after a Dorchester block party.

Innocent, etc.



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Some what off topic

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what ever happened To Deval's aid from Dot you got the DUI. Did that get pushed under the rug.

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No broom

The aide was Ronald Bell. He admitted guilt and got a year probation, 45-day license suspension and an alcohol program. For first offenders, that's stiff by MA standards.

Also, he had made about $98K in Patrick's administration and ended up doing work for Lawrence's bad mayor. That's its own punishment I suppose.

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I almost have to laugh

My Significant Other Emerita was recently arrested for DUI in Arizona (she blew a .08 on the button). First offense. For her troubles, she spent nine days in the Hotel Arpaio, 30 days house arrest, 2 years probation, I don't remember how much in fines, lost her license for a year, and has to go to group therapy (which made her ask if she could trade that for more jail time... group is apparently that bad).

By comparison, MA seems almost to encourage the practice.

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Plus, catch the local papers for short articles on drunks caught for their fifth or tenth time. We ordinary folk invariably ask what the judges there thinking when these bozos paid a fine or had a license suspended for a brief time. Moreover, some of them drove drunk without licenses anyway.

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Mmm Hmm....and we ordinary folk make sure it stays that way

....by re-electing the same morons who appoint these judges and/or who fail to implement the proper level of anti-drunk-driving legislation.

And NO, the above is not a partisan comment. I am an independent voter who would LOVE to see all drunk-driver-loving incumbents be bounced out of office regardless of party affiliation, to be replaced by drunk-driver-hating newcomers regardless of party affiliation.

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I thought he was being

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I thought he was being charged with assault and battery, & witness intimidation? I was unaware of drunk driving charge. What a wonderful state rep, that Carlos. Kidnapping girlfriend and removing her phone's sim card so she could not call anyone.

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Nothing to add

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except that the phrase "Significant Other Emerita" is simply amazing.

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