Jury selection starts for three charged with murdering Hyde Park pizza-delivery man

Alexander Gallett, 22, Michel St. Jean, 24, and Yamiley Mathurin, 21, face trial on charges they stabbed Richel Nova to death in a robbery at the vacant Hyde Park Avenue house to which they ordered a Domino's pizza on Sept. 2, 2010.

Prosecutors charge that after luring the father of three inside and stabbing him to death, the trio raced off in his car - which was discovered the next morning in the parking lot of a River Street church.

If convicted in the Suffolk Superior Court trial on first-degree murder charges, they would get life without possibility of parole.

The Globe reported yesterday that Mathurin might plead guilty

Innocent, etc.



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4 years

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And just getting around to jury selection.


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How about a verdict

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before we decide one of these three is a savage.

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