Just when you thought you could think something pleasant about Everett

The Globe takes a look at the mayor's pals and their connection to the proposed casino land deal.



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    Did you bother reading the story?

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    I'm no rah-rah for the whole casinio thang, but it's the Gaming Commision that's been investigating these guys, and they're so concerned that they've turned their findings over to state and federal investigators, who are now organizing a grand jury.

    But hey, never let reading comprehension get in the way of lazy cynicism, amiright?


    (btw, not that you'll care, because, ya know - facts are boring - but the governor directly appointed only one member of the gaming commission, the AG and State Treasurer each got one pick apiece, and the three of them did majority choice for the remaining two members.)


    Jeeze I at least,

    read enough to learn the mayor's springboard into office involved donuts and his cohort is about as sketchy as a landlord gets this side of jail.

    Eyeglaze quickly set in as it's another crooked crony tale from a place that grows em like weeds, but thanks for the patience to indicate the Gaming Commission bestirred itself from its heady shuttles back and forth to Vegas for endless 'study'.

    You are totally right. This is news.


    Thanks for effort!

    Bonus points for 'splainin the commission selection process.

    Same old song and dance

    Everett is highly corrupt. Funds from special education funds spent on Homecoming. School department workers ordering air conditioning units and installing them for the Superintendent - in his home.

    Nothing new here, folks.



    Sadly I have a former boss who's mission in life was to convince people he lived in Everett instead of Revere. Apparently he thought Everett was a major step up.

    God help us all if either of them get a Casino.


    You examples are 12 and 10

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    You examples are 12 and 10 years old respectively, and both happened before the current mayor was in office - so what does that have to do with the article exactly? Does somehow Everett breed evil people, much like Castle Rock in a Steven King story?


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    I agree that the mayor and his pals are a corrupt bunch, but as a resident of this city, I have an issue with the heading for this thread. It's not often that you run into a thread bashing a city. It's one thing to take issue with corruption, but it's entirely something else to suggest that there's nothing positive to say about Everett. Sure it's not the fanciest place around Boston - working class folks have to live somewhere you know. But it does present an opportunity for homebuyers of modest means to live in a mostly quiet, mostly family-oriented city close to Boston, even if it does suffer from an image problem and have some polluted land and corrupt politicians. Not all of us can live in Roslindale. Le sigh.


    I concur

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    I agree I love my City of EVERETT!!! All politics are corrupt in some manner

    I rode my bike from the Back

    I rode my bike from the Back Bay to Revere beach on Saturday and I must say, Everett has to have the least cycling friendly streets of all the burbs. Huge juts of pavement broken on Elm and Ferry, 6 in bikelanes in the door zone. Urgh.

    Blue Line

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    Should have just taken the Blue Line.