Fireworks over the Charles River



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Great photo

I won't be able to sleep after SEEING THE GIANT FIRE MONSTER COMING TO EAT ME but great photo anyway! :)

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It is a magical

and brilliant shot.

The lightning over Somerville is pretty impressive too.

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Rather Unimpressive This Year...

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It was rushed and half-assed, and it made no sense why they moved the display up to Thursday instead of to Saturday (when the weather is forecasted to be gorgeous).

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Two things

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Apparently the Beach Boys were already committed for Saturday and they were the headliners. I was also disappointed in the fireworks but heard on WBZ this morning that they were also cut short due to the fast moving storm. Looks like the grand finale got slashed.

We were watching out our front window as the throngs headed across Comm Ave from the Esplanade and my wife said the rainstorm reminded her of the tropical storms in Singapore where you could literally see the rain coming down the street like a moving wall.

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They probably go back to storage

..with the pyrotechnic outfit.

I really am mildly skeptical of the Boston loaded barge problem because it seems weird that something would be so delicate and prone to explosion.

It sounds more like someone's cousin didn't want to take a bath on the display contract. Maybe it's just because of some extra special sooper dooper Boston thing.

The places beyond Boston seemed to be more flexible about rescheduling.

And, if you end up in that predicament in Inman again, you are always welcome to take shelter on the recessed front stoop of 186.

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