Kamikaze turkey attacks Brandeis dorm


Did anybody else...

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Get a Butterball ad when watching the video


*!!!!GOBBLE!!!!*Nothing to

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Nothing to see here!

Not a training accident.... this was all planned as a diversionary tactic.... yes.... we don't need your human help in our glorious revolutionary struggle to end human oppression and occupation of our sacred homelands!



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Bonus points, at least for me

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Just realized that was my freshman dorm. Back in my day, though, we didn't have turkeys flying into the building - or turkeys doing anything, for that matter.


East quad sucks!

Castle roolz!

ETA: after watching that video a couple of times, I think I knew the guys who lived in that room or one of the ones next to it in about 1991 or '92. I wonder if it still smells like wet dog in those rooms when it rains.


No, Grad Housing sucks

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I lived in the Castle sophomore year, followed by Grad Housing, so am able to compare all three :-).

For some reason, kidlet has resisted my efforts to show her the windows of the rooms I lived in in that video (traded roomies after first semester because my psycho Republican from Cleveland roommate and I came to a mutual understanding that would be for the best; the joke was on him because the guy who replaced me was the sort of guy who grew pot plants in the window, whereas all I did was come in late and play the folk-music station loud enough to try to drown out his classical music, whereas my new roommate was this guy from Great Neck who let me drive his Camaro to the 99 in Newton even though I only had a learner's permit).


But did your windows ever fall out

My senior year the windows in a friend's bedroom in the Mods fell in during a wind storm, right atop his bed. He wasn't in it at the time (he was giving his girlfriend a preview of double-mitzvahs, if you take my meaning), but it was still kind of shocking for him to walk into his 3rd floor bedroom the next morning and be effectively outside in the rain.

poor thing

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That video was more depressing than I expected...