Keds gets no kicks from Vans sneakers, sues

Keds vs. Vans

Keds vs. Vans

Keds, which it turns out is headquartered in our very own Lexington, wants Vans to stop putting little blue rectangular logos on the back of its sneakers.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Keds says it's been known for its "Blue Label" logo since 1925 and that the Vans logos might make people think the sneakers have that Keds quality, when, in fact, they're just some California company's attempt at footwear.

Plus, Keds charges, Vans signed an agreement in 2012 to knock it off with the little blue rectangular logos and now it's doing it again.

Keds is asking a judge to order Vans to destroy its entire stock of blue-labeled sneakers and marketing material, and to pay Keds suitable damages and lawyers' fees.



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B-b-but Vans is all about freedom, man

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Just look at all those happy people in their ads, thrilled to be dressed like a sneaker in a parade, or driving a sneaker car, or, uh, doing nothing whatsoever that involves sneakers, like surfing. Because they're creative, and individual and free, like every other person who thinks wearing checkerboard sneakers will make them "off the wall."

Vans and Converse ("Shoes are boring, wear sneakers"[*]), seem to take turns to be first to blanket Kenmore station with ads every fall.

*Pretty funny coming from a company that hasn't changed the design of its flagship sneaker since 1957.

yup. I remember when Keds

yup. I remember when Keds and Converse were referred to as "bobos".

They make your feet feel fine
They cost a nickel and a dime

Anyone who wore them in gym class found himself the target of humiliation.


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Good thing when I was a kid I wore PF Flyers.

PF Flyers are the only

PF Flyers are the only sneakers I wear and still get comments quite often on them. No, I'm not Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez