Kendall Square Cinema gets permission to show movies later on weekends thanks to expanded T hours

Cambridge Day reports the city has given the movie house permission to screen films until 2:30 a.m., Fridays through Sundays; owners cite later T service hours for the potential new market.



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An even better example

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of needless and wasteful government bureauracy. I don't know what's worse here -the fact that an established business in a non-residental neighborhood has to get 'mother may I' permission from yet another pointless City hackdom commission to expand their hours, or the fact they actually have to provide justification in support of their request.

I think we can put blame for

I think we can put blame for this squarely on the Neighborhood Associations, which complain bitterly anytime someone wants to have fun after 10pm (11pm Fridays and Saturdays.)

I agree with 98% of your post

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However, the KSC is borders Cardinal Medieros Ave which is a residential neighborhood. The Cinema may be in a commercial district but literally across the street its residential.

But I agree with them having to get PERMISSION to open that late... wasteful.

Sure, let everyone do whatever

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Where would the line be between industrial/commercial, close to residential, and residential.

Don't get me wrong, this is a no brainer, but I think a community should not have to deal with impacts like late night openings without any input.

Or we could open a 24 hour diner next to your house without you having any say in the matter(assuming you don't live in the Theatre District or one of those places in Downtown/South Boston Seaport where condos have been built for urban living, in which case I actually think we should do it.)

I approve of later T hours,

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I approve of later T hours, later movies, and taking the T to places like the Alewife movie theater.

But I do have to say that walking from the station to that theater is unnecessarily difficult, because of the shopping center and/or DCR's longtime refusal to build a short staircase from the parking lot up the embankment to the Alewife Brook Parkway overpass over the commuter rail. There's often an overturned shopping cart or other junk at the 5-foot retaining wall to help people climb up.

And linking permission for later movies at this theater to later T service is silly for several reasons.

There have always been movies and plenty of other businesses in Cambridge that stayed open past T hours.

And it's a tiny fraction of customers at this theater that take the T.

Sorry, please ignore the

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Sorry, please ignore the parts of my last post which were about the Alewife theater. I see this article was about Kendall.