Keytar Bear says he'll give attacker a chance to turn himself in before he goes to police

Keytar Bear released a statement today (yes, of course, Keytar Bear now releases statements), in which he says he forgives the guy who punched him in his face - and his friend who videotaped the attack - but that the guy had better turn himself in:

Dear Boston, I don’t have a TV or a computer. Last night I found out about all of the news coverage and fundraising going on in response to my getting hurt. I have never known such kindness and generosity in my life and am overwhelmed by your efforts. Thank you for your outpouring of well wishes and support. I feel happy and free when I play my music for you on the street. I like how you dance and sometime sing along. I cannot perform for you in my present condition but hope to pop up around town as soon as possible. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the person who hurt me, I forgive you for punching me and breaking my nose after taking a photo with me downtown last week. I forgive your friends who filmed it too. You were grooving and being nice and friendly and then smashed my face. You do not have to act this way. You can be a good person if you want to be. It’s your choice. I have decided not to file a police report immediately so you can have a chance to step up and take responsibility for your actions before the police come knocking on your door.

Our peaceful journey continues,
Keytar Bear



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    Well said. Hope those townies

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    Well said. Hope those townies end up paying for being cowards

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    Not a townie move at all

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    I'm sick of the townie-bashing. There are shitbags in every group. The "townies" I grew up with fought fair and against willing opponents. Hitting a guy playing music in a costume would be like hitting a girl- didn't happen.

    I'm not surprised it looks like a kid from the suburbs, not a Boston "townie." Trust me, a kid who tried to brag about that in the old neighborhood would be shut down quick.
    Punk move, not a townie move.
    Get it straight.

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    No and no

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    Like those 20-somethings who beat down a homeless guy and some teenagers who tried to stop them?

    No, not at all like that. As I mentioned in my post, there are shitbags in every group. However I'm not a shitbag and I certainly didn't associate with any either.

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    I have a feeling...

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    That the "townies" that you knew growing up didn't teach their kids this code. See the roving band of southie punks that beat the shit out of the people on the Red line.

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    No, My "townie" friends raised good kids

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    Or tried damn hard too. As I originally said, there are scumbags in every group and town.

    For what it's worth, a kid in my old neighborhood (not Southie) wouldn't be bragging about sucker-punching a costumed musician. The cold reception he got from most isteners would have put a stop to that nonsense.

    But I never claimed to speak for all townies nor all "True Scotsmen." Just myself and my experience.

    My point is that talking negatively about "townie" behavior is as narrow-minded and inaccurate as talking about perceived behaviors of other groups.
    I don't need to give examples, we all know those bigoted stereotypes, right?

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    So if Townie types engage in acts of violence...

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    ...then we just say, "well there are people like that everywhere", because back in the day kids fought fair, and then shook hands and continued playing stick ball... Unfortunately it's a new, dark day. Kids are being raised to be soulless little punks. The "fight fair" days are over.

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    Tiffs between fellow insiders...

    ... and agression towards perceived "outsiders" were not handled in exactly the same way back in the golden, olden days, even in sainted South Boston.

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    You can be a good person if you want to be. It's your choice.

    A gentle soul with a generous heart.

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    Suspect already confessed

    Suspect is a high school student in a northern suburb and has allegedly made a confession today, after bragging about it at school for days. The town's PD informed BPD, but I believe he hasn't been arrested because Keytar Bear hadn't made a report.

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    I love Keytar Bear's act and respect his good attitude and forgiving nature. I for one would happily volunteer to stand quietly nearby once in a while if he'd like an unobtrusive, nonviolent "bodyguard" keeping an eye out while he performs.

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    I definitely appreciate this merciful attitude...

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    But people need to file police reports when they are assaulted. Otherwise the little, soulless bastard who did this will think he got off scott free. Throw the book at this punk. Also, I'm not nearly as forgiving and Keytar Bear.

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