Kickass Cupakes caput

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Somerville cupcakery has closed.



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Its been around for seven

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Its been around for seven years, more than most businesses, especially food service ones. I know they made the terrible mistake of not catering to your desires.


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But they were kickass cupcakes, not just any old cupcake.

I Went Twice

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and both times they tasted more like dry muffins than cupcakes. And they came with a ton of attitude, too.


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One of my friends had a Kickass Wedding Cupcake Tree. They were small, dry, and flavorless, and disabused me completely of any idea of having cupcakes at my own wedding. (Party Favors cake FTW.)

Why, sure...

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Why, sure... seven years. Seriously, they're just getting going with the oversaturation. Give 'em time to fail spectacularly.

Do they still have the truck?

I haven't seen it in Dewey Square lately.

That said, I didn't like their cupcakes and would rather walk to Cakeology on Washington Street to get fancy birthday treats for my family. No cheaper, we all just liked them better. As for the price, well, check out cake prices for cakes that serve six or twelve, and compare to buying a half dozen or a dozen cupcakes.

Lulu's on Salem Street is pretty wonderful, too.

Unfortunately I think

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Unfortunately I think Cakeology has closed as well - the store on Washington has been empty for over a month!


Sad to see it. Must be a massive cupcake bust!

We'll always have ice cream ...


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Because ice cream is such a great New England business model.

Feast then famine.


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Ben and Jerry's and Baskin Robbins seem to be doing pretty well...

Lulu's is good

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And I think they have a more sustainable business model: not just cupcakes. They make ice cream, and I think, sell candy, coffee and maybe other pastries...

Yet another fad

I knew this cupcake thing wouldn't last more than a few years. AND GET OFF MY LAWN!

eh, still in full roll

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Monumental Cupcakes here in JP seems to be doing alright, although their hours are pretty stupid - they close around 6-7. Way to miss out on the post-dinner dessert crowd who don't want ice cream...


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it sounds like they were not "kickass" enough, I guess.

First Crumbs, now Kickass...when will it all end!?

Curly Cakes

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is now a "Sweet." They seem to be doing very well with just cupcakes.

My God

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I love woopie pies. Ditto black&white half moon cookies. But I wouldn't pay 36 bucks for a dozen of them.

Ironically enough, I saw guys

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Ironically enough, I saw guys painting the soon-to-be Union Square Donuts as I was making my way through Union Sq. this afternoon

I've never understood the SATC connection

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Did I miss a string of episodes where they ate cupcakes? I think I remember one lunch at Magnolia or something but cupcakes as a running theme, like the gd Cosmopolitans?

Magnolia Bakery in NYC is

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Magnolia Bakery in NYC is pretty much credited with starting the cupcake thing back in the 90s. Sex in the city had a scene I think in the restaurant. The tour buses started showing up at the bakery and after that the lines started growing. Next thing the whole country went cupcake crazy. Sex and the city pretty much put the bakery on the map.

No. The cupcake fad hasn't

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No. The cupcake fad hasn't run its course... there is often a line nearly out the door at Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury. Tourists LOVE that place. Personally, I prefer the locally-owned Sweet. One last note, Sex And The City is fantastic: excellent witty writing and strong female characters. Miss that show.

There are still people that

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There are still people that play with a rubiks cube, wear leg warmers, collect beanie babies, wear the "The Rachel" and listen to Nora Jones.

When 75% of the cupcake shops close, and the national chain Crumbs files for bankruptcy, its safe to assume the fad is over.

Regardless of the few holdouts.

A business that catered to women

That made them fat seemed like a pretty bad business model to me.

Eventually they were going to start realizing those cupcakes were a bad for their figure.

Fred, everything in

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Fred, everything in moderation. Haven't you learned that lesson yet? You men can't remember anything! Now put that jelly doughnut down. Your hips are looking a little wide these days!

Aside from it being a fad- I

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Aside from it being a fad- I knew they were doomed when they moved from the Davis vicinity down towards the Armory on Highland- not a tremendous amount of foot traffic down that way

They probably made most of

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They probably made most of their money from catering and saw retail as a loss leader. So the cheaper rent made sense when things got tight. Anyway they were good but not good enough for the price.

Name Change?

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Maybe if they changed the name to Curly, never mind...that didn't work either


guess there just aint enough dough in the cupcake business

My fearless forecast is that

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My fearless forecast is that cronuts are coming. Probably in JP by yearend; watch for the trend spotters at the Globe to have some in depth cronut stories soon.

Boy what a bunch of naysayers

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Boy what a bunch of naysayers and monday morning quarterbacks. Places come and go. Let's give them a lot of credit for the start up and small business success they had for several years. They were on quite a roll for quite a while against the odds as people have pointed out.
Cheers and best wishes on next endeavors!

No worries, Petsi Pies still kicks ass

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Somerville still has Petsi Pies on Beacon St. They make a variety of kick ass pastries; cupcakes, pies, crumb cakes, things with names I'm unfamiliar with. I do my laundry next door and grab a coffee and something sweet and moist while waiting for the dryer to finish, it really makes laundry day a lot more fun.


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Lyndell's in Somerville has amazing cupcakes, half-moons, and other various baked goods! Since they're also super reasonably priced, I never see the need to go anywhere else :)