Kid brings parents' blood-pressure and cholesterol pills to school, hands them out

Ambulances took four students at the Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School to Boston Medical Center for checkups today after they shared pills and vitamins one of them brought in from home.

All four turned out to be fine, Khita Pottinger, principal of the school on Lawrence Avenue in Dorchester, said in a phone message to parents this afternoon:

Hello, this is Khita Pottinger, principal of the King K-8 School. I am calling to let you know why your child may have seen ambulances at our school today. This morning we learned that a child brought their parent's prescription medication as well as some vitamins into school, and gave them to three other children, who swallowed them. These medications were for blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as ordinary vitamins. As soon as we learned about this, we called ambulances [for] these students, and paramedics took them to Boston Medical Center as a precaution and we called their parents right away. We are happy to tell you that everyone is fine and there do not appear to be any health issues -- no one had any reaction to the medication as far as we know. Since then, we have spoken with every child in school today individually to see if anyone else had taken the pills. We believe that this was limited to this group of four students. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with me or stop by the school office, and of course feel free to reach out to your family doctor if you have any other questions or concerns as well. Thank you.



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What to make of it

Nothing more than an all-too-typical collision of early adolescent bad judgement, gullibility, naivete, and, well, probably some stupidity, too.

Didn't we all know four kids in our younger or middle years of school who would have done something this dumb? Shit, I could name four, easy. Like the kid who was handing out "chocolates" that were clearly labeled "exlax" ... and the kids who actually ate them. Not much difference, really.