Burger King grease fire smokes up Copley Square

A grease fire broke out in the kitchen of the Burger King at 553 Boylston St. around 7:30 a.m., spreading to the second floor via a vent. At 7:45, the fire went to two alarms.

The Boston Fire Department estimates damage at $100,000; says there were no injuries.



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♬ Hurry On Over To Burger King ...

... Where The Burgers Are Charcoal Broiled ♬

That jingle predates the "Have It Your Way" slogan. Back then, when you placed an order, the attendants would use a #2 pencil to fill in the bubbles on a paper form that specified the items and condiment options. The form was then fed into an optical reader at the cash register and (hopefully) the kitchen would prepare your Whopper, Whaler, or Yumbo just the way you wanted. It was cutting edge technology!


"Mama Cass" Elliot and Meg Ryan

You're absolutely correct that Hardee's used almost exactly the same thing; sung by Cass Elliot, no less!

There were no Hardees in my area, and well, this was probably the mid-1960's. McDonalds came first, with their handclap "Your kind of place" song. When Burger King came in, the song I remember had a similar style with a chorus singing "Hurry on over to Burger King… etc." Then, a few years later, they came up with the "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce… etc." jingle.

Maybe the local franchisee ripped off the song from Hardees thinking no one would notice, or maybe Hardees ripped it off from Burger King later on. I never heard of or saw a Hardees until I drove to Florida in 1977. Or maybe... as you suggested, my memory has crossed them up; it has been a long time!

I definitely remember the Whaler and the Yumbo IMAGE(http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/assets_c/2012/07/Yumbo-thumb-200x159.jpg)

They discontinued the Whaler when the name became politically incorrect after the "Save the Whales" awareness began.

The Yumbo was discontinued long before that, but it remained on the menu at Australian Burger Kings, which are called Hungry Jack's.

Oh gosh, I didn't really intend for this to happen, but...

featuring Meg Ryan
Yes, but mostly for a Yumbo or a "Whaler MLW".


OK smartypants

Since these guys are obviously just getting fabulously wealthy on other people's minimum wage sweat - go get yourself a fast food franchise, open it next door and pay everyone 10% or 20% more (which is still $%!+ by the way). You too can get rich and save the world at the same time. Actually, you'll probably lose your shirt, your employees will lose their jobs - but what the heck it's only business - who's counting.

Oh yeah, it's a business, we need to know how to count...


It's clear that paying a living wage breaks the business model

for a lot of restaurants, especially at the quick-service end of the market. The problem is that most workers can't survive on a minimum-wage full-time job without government assistance in the form of housing supports, food stamps, and other programs designed to fight poverty.

You pay for that cheap burger (and that shoddy Chinese crap from Walmart) one way or another. Which way do you want: the way that pays workers a living wage, or the way that subsidizes corporate profits and has your taxes going to fund anti-poverty programs? I suspect there's a middle way, but it probably involves the dollar menu going away.

That kind of cheap food isn't really cheap, anyway. What you save on lunch today comes out of your hide later in life, in the form of healthcare costs when you're sick from heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses related to a lifetime of eating highly processed crap. That shit is produced by giant agribusinesses who are also sucking off the federal government welfare teat in the form of massive farm subsidies, so you're paying for it twice.