Korean fusion restaurant to replace UBurger across from Faneuil Hall

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans by a Korean family to turn the UBurger space at 16 North St. into a restaurant that will meld Korean and western cuisine.

The Chang family will spend $425,000 to buy the liquor license of the defunct Charley's on Newbury Street for their new Koy restaurant.

"There's a real need for Korean flavor meets western food," their attorney, Karen Simao, said at a board hearing yesterday. "You'd be hard pressed to find any food of this nature [nearby]."

Simao said the new restaurant, which was granted a closing time of 2 a.m., will primarily serve the tourists who flock to the marketplace as well as businesspeople from nearby office towers.



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They have amazing fries.


mmmm. fries

Always seemed to be a crowd when I popped in. Maybe they can't compete with all the FH food? At least there is still the downtown location.

That spot never seems to do

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That spot never seems to do well. Their used to be a fish restaurant there, before Fan. Hall went all the way down hill and ever since, it's been bad to worse.



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sounds better thsn potential alternatives.


Wait, I thought Republic,

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Wait, I thought Republic, looking to open at 11 Dorchester in Southie, was buying the Charley liquor license.

So are we not going to talk about the $425K?

Our licensing laws are forcing a restaurant owner to spend $425K to buy, what, exactly?
That's money that could be invested in seating, or decor, or a better kitchen, or cheaper prices, or higher profits for the owner.

It's as bad as the damned taxi medallion racket.



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And people wonder why all the restaurants in Boston are either chains, or owned by the same local restaurant groups. Who has $425k to spend just for the RIGHT to serve booze? Apparently the Chang family does I guess, I hope it works out for them.


I do not mind Asian Fusion

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I do not mind Asian Fusion cuisine per se, but much like with Irish Pubs 15 years ago, it seems that every time an f&b business closes in metro Boston these days an Asian Fusion establishment replaces it. We kind of have culinary OCD around here.


Asian fusion everywhere? Really?

I'm not seeing it. Looks to me like most new Asian places that have opened in the last few years around Boston are focused on some traditional, regional Asian cuisine (e.g., Taiwanese dumplings, Xi'an cuisine, Chinese hotpot, ramen), not some East-West fusion kind of thing.

I think you could note a possible bubble in a few other areas: burgers, self-serve frozen yogurt, mid-range gringo-style Mexican, maybe cupcakes.