Lack of hot water shuts Fenway restaurant

A health inspector shut Church, 69 Kilmarnock St., on Thursday until it can get its hot water back on, at least on a more consistent basis:

The establishment has been operating without hot water for a few days. The plumber was called to repair the issue and they thought it was fixed but the establishment has continued to operate without consistent hot water.

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It's a shame they weren't

It's a shame they weren't able to get things repaired properly. The show on Thursday night had to be moved last minute to a venue in Cambridge, and as a result the turnout wasn't what it should be. Screws over the musicians (some who traveled in from out of town) and the show promoter, too.

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The patrons weren't screwed over. You know, the ones that would have been eating/drinking with glasses/dishes/silverware that was washed in cold water.

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Oh, you misunderstand me. I

Oh, you misunderstand me. I TOTALLY agree they should be shut down if they have no hot water. According to the report, they were without hot water for several days...why couldn't they get it fixed? I just feel like the venue dropped the ball - they didn't even have a note on their website about the closure, so if people didn't get the message from the bands via Facebook, they found out about the closure via a note on the door.

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