LaRouchies put on a concert at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Jim Martinho explains:

I'm the Content Manager at, and I also write a weekly email newsletter previewing upcoming events. A lot of the events on our calendar are user-submitted, and when I saw a listing for a performance of Mozart's Requiem at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Sunday, it seemed pretty innocent -- classical music, in a church, commemorating JFK's legacy? Sure, why not. So I mentioned the event in today's newsletter. Then I received an email from a reader who had been alerted by the Greater Boston Choral Consortium that the event's sponsor, the Schiller Institute, is one of LaRouche's primary organizations. Apparently they've been trying to recruit local singers into performing with their orchestra and duped at least one group, Chorus pro Musica, into emailing its members about the opportunity. The event listing also mentions "remarks of remembrance" to accompany the concert, which I'm guessing will be something other than a glowing tribute to JFK's legacy.

The concert is listed pretty innocently on the event calendars on and ArtsBoston, and I'd hate for people to go without knowing who's really behind it (obviously I sent out a mea culpa to our newsletter group). Then again, it's at the same time as the Pats game Sunday so it might be a moot point.



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That is a shame...

I honestly would have loved to have performed in a concert like this. I believe my Dad sang in the 1964 concert, and I actually have the album and program book from that day. Truly a moving performance...

Too bad the "sponsors" are idiots...


You are the idiot. You have

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You are the idiot. You have no understanding of how mass media works. You have been duped into believing that whatever the LaRouche organization says is crap. They believe in humanity - much as J.F.K. did - back to a strong, moral, vibrant culture, producing things, moving forward.

I kind of feel sorry for you

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Because you're going to wake up in ten years and realize you were doing all that singing and posing with the skinny black guy with the Hitler mustache and realize you've just wasted ten years of your life bowing down before some bitter manipulator with a God complex.


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I saw one of the posters for this event in a bank lobby recently. The Requiem is one of my favorite pieces. I was intrigued by it, I will admit. Given my interaction with the LaRouchites, I'll be cheering on Tom Terrific Sunday.


Thanks for the FYI!

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I saw a pile of these in my BPS school for distribution. I don't know how they got there. But, I follow classical music in Boston somewhat closely and I was wondering what the heck the Schiller Institute was.


Isn't It Too Bad Over One Thousand People Attended The Event

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Not only did over 1000 people attend the Concert but the President of Ireland sent greetings, and former Mayor Flynn attended the event. As far as I can tell it was one of the best performances of Mozart I have ever experienced. I don't know why people are trying to attack LaRouche on this blog but the Schiller Institute did a great job. They performed Mozart and then they played JFK speeches, my question is how come the people slandering the group have not shown any class like the LaRouche folks have? Is it because they don't like Classical Music? Or is it because they hate JFK? And most of the people that attended the event had a great time.


So Much For The Pats

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Not only were the people that missed out on this event totally lame but guess who is going to the Super Bowl? I'll give you guys a hint it ain't the Pats!

1000 people???

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Of course that's a complete crock of poo, like the rest of this post, but why do I somehow believe that Raybo did in fact attend?