Last call for the Boyne

The venerable Brighton bar is getting new owners, who plan to rename it the Kitchen Sink and completely gut the place to make it more like their Local 149 in South Boston.

The Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which also owns the Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton, is paying $400,000 for the Boyne's building and liquor license, but plans a complete interior renovation and a new "eclectic" menu, officials told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

The board decides Thursday whether to approve the sale, which was supported by the mayor's office and city councilors Mark Ciommo, Steve Murphy, Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley.

The company figures the remaoke will take three months. The one Boyne thing it does plan to keep is its hours - 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.




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Do people go there?

I lived down the street for a while and always preferred the Bus Stop, which itself is quite....eclectic. Though in all fairness, when I moved, the new mega-development on Western was still an empty strip mall and they had just leveled the old McDonalds.

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They did,

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months ago.

The Bus Stop is the only place left. And who knows how long now.

RIP Boyne, my neighborhood go-to.

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Bucket of Blood

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Aka the Stinkin Lincoln', ex-Hogans Run

Never once heard anyone use that nickname for the Bus Stop.

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Bus Stop not the Bucket

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The Bus Stop was never called the Bucket o' Blood by anyone but some drunkin' WBZers, stopping in after their sorry-ass attempts at Ad League softball.

The original Bucket o' Blood, demolished over 40 years ago, was located near the base of the Everett Street bridge. Definitely a well-deserved name given that it makes the present day Bus Stop looks like the Ritz.

The Boyne will be missed. It actually had great food, always booths available and really nice pint of Smithwicks.

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Good Guinness and they do a

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Good Guinness and they do a really good genuine Irish Mixed grill, with bangers, rashers, black & white pudding, baked beans, chips (that's fries to you people), steak tips, and fried eggs. Or at least they did the last time I was there about 3 years ago. I might just stop by there this weekend.

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17 years ain't so long

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I've driven by this place a couple times and assumed it was "new". It's been there 17 years? Wow. I moved out of that area of Allston back in 1990, so anything that's come in since then is new to me.

Farewell to a place I probably would have liked but never visited.

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That's funny

I used to drive by it in the mid-90s and thought it had been there forever.

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