Latest Roslindale Square mugging spurs call for neighborhood-wide action

Cathy Slade reports:

A few neighborhood watch groups are hosting a meeting open to all, to have a forum to report and share information on neighborhood activity, and searching solutions to keep everyone safe. The meeting will be on Monday, April 7 from 6:30-8PM at the Roslindale Community Center. Organizers hope a community-wide network evolves and meets every other month.

On Monday, a woman was robbed at knifepoint near the Roslindale Square train station; a few days after another woman was robbed near the station.

Since Halloween, the neighborhood has seen a number of violent crimes, including a murder on Rowe Street.



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    and car-break-ins

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    IMO - all signs point to increased drug activity - I know the entire northeast is experiencing a heroin problem right now - but last summer I started seeing more than usual weird activity in the area - like what looked like an exchange at the farmers market, sketchy-looking people walking around with scraps of paper with addresses on them, unfamiliar idling cars around the corner from my house and other unfamiliar cars pulling up next to them and then both taking off... People keep saying I am being paranoid, but I grew up in another city in the 80s during the height of the crack epidemic (and had a far worse crime problem than Boston ever had), and I know what dealing looks like.

    I can't believe with the recent murders along hyde park ave that BPD isn't aware that there's some increased activity going on - I think someone is likely dealing from within the neighborhood. I wish the cops weren't just sitting around in their squad cars and actually walking around and talking to people and getting to know us.

    Team effort

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    I love the idea that we are coming together to take back our neighborhood and I will definitely be there for the April 7th meeting. I think rather than accusing the police of "just sitting around", it is better to work with them and engage them with the idea that protecting the neighborhood should be a "team sport". We should go out of our way to get to know the police and let them know if we think suspicious activity is going on. I look forward to meeting many of you at the community meeting.

    we'll be there . . .

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    Rozziegirl123 - nice to meet you the other night - We'll be there - your Conway Neighbors.