Laying tracks

Laying tracks in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out when and where this photo was taken. See it larger.



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    I have no idea...

    ...where this is, but I am struck by the fact that it seems no one gave a damn about people using their front doors along the right-hand side of the street risking a broken ankle or worse navigating that berm of rubble to get in & out. Now if Sokolove & Sokolove had existed then.... ;-)

    Narrow Gauge

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    Is that me is the gauge on that track too small to be normal rail road or street car.

    Maybe eastie before the BL was converted?

    okay I'm wrong

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    Looks like they are installing street car tracks... (I didn't know wooden ties were placed BELOW the bricks ere re-assembled around the tracks)

    It's a tricky one

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    but given that it's a single-track on a narrow street, I'm going to guess the A-line or the part of the E-line that no longer exists. It looks like it could be Allston-Brighton or Mission Hill/JP.

    Not the A Line

    No part of the A Line (today's 57 bus route) is this narrow, or carried only one-way traffic.

    There are overhead wires that

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    There are overhead wires that are just barely visible in the blowup - they look exactly like the ones for the 71/73. I don't think I quite appreciated how old that technology is. I never know where the places in these photos are, but I love looking at them.

    I'm with you

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    I cannot think of a narrow enough street with trolley tracks, so my gut in that situation is to guess East Boston.

    Or Tremont Street north of the railroad tracks.

    That's my guess also. I'm

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    That's my guess also. I'm pretty sure I've seen those buildings on the right side of the image on Meridian Street.

    I'm thinking maybe Main

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    I'm thinking maybe Main Street or Warren Street in Charlestown? As to when, no clue.

    East Fourth Street, South Boston?

    This is a wild guess, but it's based on the fact that the photo shows a narrow one-way street in a flat place where the streets are laid out in a grid. The #9 bus in South Boston runs westbound for several blocks on East Fourth Street.

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This photo was taken on B Street in South Boston on December 11, 1915

    Ha ha.

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    Ha ha.

    If trolley construction was as slow and expensive back then as it is today, the western end of the Green Line would be somewhere around Copley.