At least in Braintree, your right to paint your car like a police Decepticon now secure

Attorney Russell Matson reports a Quincy District Court clerk magistrate today declined to have his client charged with impersonating a police officer just because the guy was driving around in a Maserati painted to look like a police car that turns into a giant evil robot.



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    The clerk magistrate declined to have the clerk magistrate's client charged, because the clerk magistrate was driving a Maserati?

    wonder how much his court

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    wonder how much his court fees were. hopefully he at least had to pay some cash to have this dropped. this guy clearly craves attention like none other

    Agree 100%

    People who express themselves in an unconventional manner should have to PAY FOR IT!@@@


    Yeah, people who aren't

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    Yeah, people who aren't charged with any crime should still be forced to pay. That will teach the cops to leave people alone.


    Then why did the cop pull him

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    Then why did the cop pull him over and cite him in the first place? I know the verdict was not guilty but at least the cop thought something wasn't ok about that car. Those darn militarized cops! Blast!

    Read again

    It's not that he was found not guilty, it's that the magistrate said, in effect, "there's no case here."

    Neither you nor I have any clue what the cop thought.


    The reporting says what the cop thought

    The police, and the Braintree police lieutenant who was the police prosecutor at the hearing took it damn seriously, really tried to make the case that this guy was a legitimate threat to public safety, and could cause all kinds of havoc with this car.

    But yes, the Magistrate wasn't buying it.

    Grey area

    I think there's a case to made that the cops and the court were both acting reasonably here. I can imagine being fooled into thinking that's a police car from far away.


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    It's not illegal for you to be fooled into thinking a car is a cop car.

    It's illegal for someone to tell you "don't you see my car? I'm a cop."