At least they waited until after the Marathon was over

Wired woman

Photo by Roza Yarchun. See it larger.

Jim Sullivan and his wife, Roza Yarchun, were on the way to the Sox game last night, when they spotted this seemingly incapacitated woman, just lying there in Kenmore Square. He reports:

This is Gina, who took this position outside the Santander bank in Kenmore Square before the Sox-Yankees game Tuesday. She was videoed by her friend Christina. Both are students at the Art Institute of Boston, and this was one of the performance pieces they'll be doing around town this week. Sox fans streamed by, many with a "what-the-hell?" but let's keep going demeanor. Me, I had to stop and ask. Not Gina, but Christina. (Gina never moved or broke character.) I believe the piece has to do with how we are chained to our electronic devices and those chains bind us as well. Thoughts?



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    I wouldn't say that...

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    When we start defining what is "art", we go down the slippery slope. Sure, it's art. But we of course all reserve the right to think that it's not very profound of good.


    How about some subtlety?

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    Black veils and rice cookers filled with confetti instead of nails, now a human chained to their mouse and keyboard. Heavy handed with symbolism so obvious it screams "LOOK AT ME, THIS IS ART!" Color me unimpressed.


    Seriously, symbolism has no

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    Seriously, symbolism has no place in art. LOL, I totally get what you're trying to do so you FAILED! What a bunch of "edgy" tryhards, AMIRIGHT?


    These are students

    Hopefully, their professors will let them know about all of these sorts of impressions and give thoughtful criticism.

    Just like I wouldn't publish some of my early student work, this isn't ready for prime time either.


    Grunge fan?

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    Seems she's been trapped since the dial-up days...


    Dial 911 , help is needed.

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    Dial 911 , help is needed. This art business is becoming a catch- all for lunacy. It should be inside its own building , like the Museum of Fine Arts is , to protect it from squirrels . On the art of sports shows , I am pleased to pass on that the lovely and talented , Michelle Beadle , is back on ESPN's Sports Nation. Sweet niblets !



    Less than that. At least in the coming year.

    I'm sure all your undergraduate coursework merited a Nobel prize, though.



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    I would suggest anyone to look up the 45 goals of communism read on the house floor January 10 1963..interesting that this new age "art" is directly mentioned 41 years ago... The left have pushed almost all 45 goals on America


    Whole new level of crazy

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    I thought I had seen crazy before but the internet references and Glenn Beck propaganda that this 45 principles of communism thing led me to are a whole new level of nutso. Thanks for the insight into what it is like to be a paranoid schizophrenic. If abolishing the House Unamerican Activities Committee was part of an insidious communist plot, then I guess it's time to install that statue of Lennin in my yard and celebrate the great communist victory.

    Homer: All work and no play makes Homer go something something.
    Marge: Go crazy?
    Homer: Don't mind it I do!


    Reading Comprehension...

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    You read way more into my post than i wrote...45 goals of communism were read on the floor of congress in 1963...You may not agree with the premise that the 45 goals are communist goals but there is no question that the 45 goals that were presented as communist have mostly come to fruition from liberal policies.

    You obviously didnt actually try to educate yourself and read the goals, and if i had to guess you might call this type of trash "art". like my original post said, one topic from 61 years ago, specifically talks about "art".

    Communist or not, the goals presented have systematically been achieved, and there is no denying it if you actually took time to look up the goals. All you did was make personal assumptions about someone you think you disagree with. a classic defense mechanism when you only have emotion on your side, not fact.

    (I never mentioned the house un-american activities committee)...


    Your point?

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    So, if I make a list of 45 ways the Tea Party is going to ruin America and proceed to include all sorts of capitalism end-goals that we're already cruising towards. Then in a few years time, I can just whip out that list and say, "See! It's all the Tea Party's fault!".

    The guy that drafted those 45 "communist" items was a lunatic. Who cares what he wrote? Who cares that he got a Congressman to read them into the congressional record?

    One of the 45 items is the "internationalization of the Panama Canal". That didn't happen. It's under Panama's control, not the UN's control or any global consortium. Another is "capture one or both of the political parties in America"...I'm sure you'll disagree, but you'd be wrong to think that "communists" have captured either party as Democrats are barely left of center these days. Another one is "gain control of all student newspapers"...are you mad? Does this look like it's controlled by communists??

    So, even your fundamental claim of all 45 coming to fulfillment is bunk, let alone ANY relevance that some super-libertarian nutter made a list of 45 things he blames communism for even matters to reality.


    Comprehend this one, please!

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    1. If you make a list of tea party goals, and in 40 years those goals have largely been achieved...then yes, you would be well within your bounds to say "look at us becoming a tea party society". More to the point though, read Marx, or Lennin and see if you think they are just some wacky libertarians made up goals of communism or if they are simply adapted to our American society. I'm dissapointed I even have to write that.

    2. Sorry, the Panama canal, while we gave control to Panama, is very much more internationalized than it was in 61, or in 58 when the goals were written and the US govt controlled the canal. I don't remember writing that one of the goals was to give control to an international group like the UN. I also didn't see that in the list of goals. The goal is "internationalize the Panama Canal"...Reading comprehension, ugh...

    3. The Democrats are not left? Maxine Waters, (D-CA) is on record as saying she prefers socialism. They support big government and welfare systems for all. The Affordable care act? George Soros? Let's atleast be honest with each other. I feel like the tea party started because both parties have shifted left, no? if republicans were being true to conservative values would there be a tea party?

    4. I will grant you that i should have said the left have advanced the goals, not fulfilled. Having said that, in the years between 1961 when goal 41 "emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents" was read and the the mid 90's when Hilary said "it takes a village to raise a child" both houses of congress and thus our public policy was controlled by the Democrats for all but 6 years, during which time they maintained control of the house.

    5. Still, my point originally is about art. Goal 22: ..."substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms" Goal 23: "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art." Would I be say that with out a doubt, anyone who would stand behind this type of "art" is also a person who votes liberal? Is it then wrong to make the connection between stated goals of communism and the left in this country? And I'm not saying that people that make trash like this are necessarily communists, they are likely too stupid to know, but the way that in the past short time frame, something like that is even considered art by anyone shows a significant shift in our cultural values.

    You're acting as if the Left won

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    Maxine Waters? Please. When was the last time she staged a mini-putsch surrounded by gun-toting liberals against the gubmint?

    Face it, the Right won and we're now living in a corporatist oligarchy, a reverse Nottingham Forest where the 1% grow ever richer. Hell, our middle class has now been surpassed. By Canada's.

    Obamacare? You mean federal subsidies for the insurance industry? Why don't you research who came up with that? Why don't you go read some Marx and John Reed and see if anything in the US approaches anything like what they described.


    Liberals hate guns and are

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    Liberals hate guns and are pro big government, so obviously she wouldn't be with gun toting Americans against big government. But i think i was trying to say that the left is far left by showing how an elected liberal actually said she was in favor of socialism...

    What exactly did the right win?
    Welfare? We have generations of families living on government subsidies and an ever growing number of people taking govt welfare...

    Illegal immigration? Even republicans have given up on their base...

    social issues? Which one has the right won, honestly, which of the social goals of communism haven't been nearly if not completely achieved? That other guy said the list was just a list of left policies that were labeled communist, so which ones haven't been succesful?

    How could the right win control of this society when the left controlled policy or atleast shared control for the large majority of the last 50 years?

    How has the expanding welfare in this country helped the middle class? How has allowing millions of undocumented workers freely cross out borders helped the middle class? How has it helped unemployed Americans?

    Just because a healthcare

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    Just because a healthcare mandate is presented by a person that says "I'm
    Republican" doesn't mean it is not a leftist idea...remember, the right created the tea party as a response to what has been seen as a leftward shift by the republican establishment.

    In my opinion the left in this country are Marxists, the republicans are more like centrists, and the tea party is right wing.

    The heart of the idea is the individual mandate

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    Which makes Romneycare/Obamacare fundamentally different from health care in every other Western country - instead of getting the government to cover everybody, the government coerces individuals to prop up the profits of insurance companies. It's a fundamentally right-wing, corporatist idea.

    That Heritage has repudiated its own frickin' idea is besides the point - they came up with it, and then Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney ran with it, as noted in How the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative Think Tank, Promoted the Individual Mandate, by that noted Marxist publication, Forbes.


    This is getting old.

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    Why would you link to an article from Forbes when I agreed that the Heritage Foundation did in fact lay out a new health care plan that included an individual mandate?

    They came up with a COMPROMISED plan to go against the CLINTONCARE which was universal healthcare! So yes, a conservative group presented a plan that compromised their core values to sway the "not so far left" away from the far left universal healthcare proposed by Clinton. Again, a compromise does not make something a conservative idea.

    Your misrepresentation comes from reading the HF's plan (probably only read other peoples opinion) but only seeing the individual mandate. There was more to it than that which I'm sure you are aware of?

    Here is from the link you must not have read:

    "But the version of the health insurance mandate Heritage and I supported in the 1990s had three critical features. First, it was not primarily intended to push people to obtain protection for their own good, but to protect others. Like auto damage liability insurance required in most states, our requirement focused on “catastrophic” costs — so hospitals and taxpayers would not have to foot the bill for the expensive illness or accident of someone who did not buy insurance.
    Second, we sought to induce people to buy coverage primarily through the carrot of a generous health credit or voucher, financed in part by a fundamental reform of the tax treatment of health coverage, rather than by a stick.
    And third, in the legislation we helped craft that ultimately became a preferred alternative to ClintonCare, the “mandate” was actually the loss of certain tax breaks for those not choosing to buy coverage, not a legal requirement. "

    So, it is either DISHONEST or MIS-EDUCATED to say that the heritage foundation came up with obamacare.



    Just a little bit different no?



    Why don't you go panic about the UN or something. I hear Agenda 21 is going to curtail the tinfoil supply in the name of educational jargon.