Leather District to get ramen-noodle place; Chinatown could get bakery-cafe and more bubble tea

Beijing Kyoto, 112 South St., will be replaced by a sit-down restaurant serving ramen-noodle soup, assuming the Boston Licensing Board approves.

Koichi Watanabe will re-open the restaurant as Amateras, with 45 seats.

Meanwhile, the new owner of the shuttered Apollo Grill and Sushi, 84 Harrison Ave., says she's extensively remodeling the place so that she can re-open it as a Panera-like bakery cafe, only one focused on Chinese food.

Separetely, the owners of Chatime on Harrison Avenue want to open a second outlet at 18 Hudson St. that would be open until 11 p.m. most days, but 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The board votes on Thursday on the requests for food-serving licenses from Amateras and Chatime. There was no opposition to either proposal at hearings this morning. The board will also vote whether to let Gloria Chin hold onto Apollo's liquor license while she remodels.



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Actually -

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I think Bao Bao Bakery (which has been shut for a little while) is moving into the renovated Apollo space, in addition to a chicken/soup looking place? I caught a glimpse of a sign walking past it a while ago.

Instant ramen and "real"

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Instant ramen and "real" ramen are very different things. Real ramen isn't exactly the most luxurious food in the world, but once you start ingredients to the soup other than chicken flavored MSG, the price quite justifiably raises higher than 30 cents.

You need to watch "Tampopo"

Making ramen is labor-intensive, requires serious cooking skills, and often involves costly ingredients. You shouldn't expect it to be cheap.


An amazing movie -- but I don't think it is available on (decent quality) DVD in the US.

Mine's not a bootleg

It's the Itami Productions 2005 DVD release for Region 1, widely regarded as a much better transfer etc. than the 1998 Fox Lorber release.

The actual Japanese DVD....

... used to cost about $45-50, when it was in print. Never knew there was a legit US release of this much better version. Alas, long out of print -- unless one can buy a genuine used copy of this, one might well get stuck with a bootleg (probably inferior).