Less slop, more salads for BPS students this fall

The city is going out to bid for a school-meals provider for this fall and will make "higher-quality, healthier and more locally-sourced meal options," the school department says, adding it is returning the six-school salad-bar pilot that was shelved to try to save money. Also:

The new contract will include provisions for quarterly taste-tests by students and will ensure regular student and parent involvement in school menu cycles.

Mayor Walsh decided to re-bid the contract after a report found problems with the current school-meal program.

BPS adds it will continue its nearly year-old policy of providing free meals to all students without an income test.



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    I'm not a seafood guy but I feel like it's an acquired taste. I wish I was forced to eat in school so I'd like it now. I force myself to eat it now just for all the benefits.


    Trust me, I grew up in a

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    Trust me, I grew up in a catholic house that ate fish every Friday. Mom tried everything but I couldn't bring myself to eat any fish. She told me it is brain food and years later I wonder what she meant by that - was she calling me dumb?? :)

    She never ate meat on Friday's, all year long.

    I still can't eat it and it's a shame. Seafood is healthy and is so plentiful, meaning there's shellfish, fresh water, deep sea.....I saw a lobster roll the other day that I know people would love to have and I see nothing the least bit appetizing about it. I've tried it and other seafood but I can't.

    As someone who doesn't eat meat, chicken or fish I get so bored.


    Wait, you think you'd like

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    Wait, you think you'd like fish now if you were exposed to school cafeteria fish as a child? I'd think it would scare you off fish for life.


    I hope not.

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    My daughter is average slim girl, I hope they dont change the lunches beacuse she doesnt need to lose weight, she doesn't even like the school food now, shes gonna hate it even more after. Try to make the kids vegeterian or what. I say keep the food as is and focus more on giving more gym or active clases. It is about what you eat but also is important staying active my daughter is an active little one so I'm not worried about her.

    I think they should be able

    I think they should be able to find a happy medium between crappy school food full of salt and fat and "vegetarian". I don't think anyone is going to try to make your daughter a vegetarian.


    The fear of fat might be

    The fear of fat might be overstated. We moved away hard from lipids and yet we have only become less healthy as a country. Latest thinking is looking harder at carbohydrates especially the among of sugar we consume. Thus the happy medium might include more gym time, but the improved food should focus on reducing carbs/sugars than fat (which vegetables would accomplish that as long it's not potatoes). Reducing fat tends to go after meat, reducing carbs focus more on reducing sugary juice drinks with white bread (which I need to mention the problem with moving from soda to apple juice - process juice have too much sugar in it).

    Why not pack a lunch? It was

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    Why not pack a lunch? It was only on rare occasions mine would buy a lunch. You control what your child is eating, you know it's healthy and fresh.

    It's a pain in the neck, yes, but if the quality and choice is a concern I wonder why more people don't just do their own.

    Is it not allowed?


    If the food is unhealthy then it's unhealthy

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    Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they are eating healthy food. Making the food healthier and with better options doesn't mean your daughter is going to lose weight or be forced to be a vegetarian.

    I used to work somewhere

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    where the kids were fed out of BPS's central kitchen during the summer.

    The kids lunches were so visually disgusting I could not look at them without getting nauseous. My favorite was a container of "cranapple" sauce that had been frozen and defrosted, and had seriously separated, and was so heavily laden with red food dye that it looked like someone had been murdered in the applesauce machine.

    Back then, the "healthy afternoon snack" BPS shipped over was Baked Lays or Baked Fritos, too. This was prior to the new regulations, though.


    The kids aren't going to eat health food

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    They will get exercise making the mad dash to MBTA Stations like Forest Hills where they can get pizza, hotdogs ,popcorn and candy and pastry.


    Salad Bar

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    They installed one of those in my school when I was a teenager, after student and teacher agitation, and despite the fact that pizza and fries were also on offer, it was really popular, and sold out by halfway through lunch, pretty much every day.
    Granted, there weren't really any alternatives, but still, there are kids who like to eat veggies, especially if they are well presented and not freezer-burnt, canned or boiled to death. (though I's also recommend that having lots of salad dressing on hand might be a very good idea)