Lester now an A

The Globe reports. Also gone: Gomes.

UPDATE: Lackey leaves.

UPDATE UPDATE: Drew departs.

EVEN UPDATE-IER: Miller moves.



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    Ugh, I lived in that area and

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    Ugh, I lived in that area and went to games at Macafee Virus Protection Stadium. Worst fans in baseball, just a bunch of hicks biding time till football season. Poor lester has to play in suburbia for a few months before he can move on to a team that people actually follow.

    Win another ring - back to Boston

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    I hope - granted, not sure if the Sox will give him the years or $$$ he wants - but one can hope. Since the sox are all but mathematically eliminated, I wouldn't mind seeing the A's get one at long last - unless my NL team the Nats can pull one out.

    Poor lester has to play in

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    Poor lester has to play in suburbia for a few months before he can move on to a team that people actually follow

    Who do you think goes to Sox games? It's not people that actually live in Boston. The fandom from the Sox from suburbia (Wellesley, Braintree, Revere, Framingham)...despite the fact that the Sox play in Boston.

    It's a myth that the City of Boston is a baseball city. Massachusetts is a baseball state...the City, not so much.


    I, Boston resident, attend games

    Boston Red Sox fans are considered some of the most knowledgeable baseball fans in the majors. Who cares if they live in Boston or a suburb? Boston ranks 2nd in fulfilled capacity (98.1%) and 6th in average attendance (36,451). Oakland ranks 15th and 23rd (ESPN).

    Additionally, I, a Boston resident since 2008, attend 4-10 games per year. However, according to your fact based logic, not 1 of the other 645,965 (2013 estimate, US Census Bureau) Boston residents have attended a game this year. I'm unique!

    I don't know if you've heard

    Oakland is the new Mission, aka Brooklyn West. I'm sure all of the hipsters residents that were priced out too cool for SF will jump on the the A's bandwagon in the same way that the Nets suddenly had fans once they moved. Every time I'm in the Bay Area, I seem to see more and more green and yellow caps.

    Couldn't happen to a better team

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    Although I'm sure he'll hit 0.400, drive in the runs that get them into the WC, and screw up zero GIDPs for the rest of the season just to spite us.

    But this is not one Sox-turned-Yankee that I'm going to lament at all.

    The way they're dumping and

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    The way they're dumping and discarding, I think there's a pretty good chance I'll find Dempster in a Globe Direct bag on my front steps when I get home from work.