Lighting up the sky for the firefighters

Prudential building lit up for fallen firefighters

Last night, Brian D'Amico captured the Prudential tower lit up in Boston Fire Department colors in honor of Lt. Ed Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy.

Copyright Brian D'Amico. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.




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    Underground miniature railway. Old St James St Buildings.

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    What's the story?... about the underground miniature railway for transporting mail under some of the buildings along Boylston Street or St James St between Clarendon St and Berkeley St or Arlington St, maybe under the Old John Hancock Buildings? Does it run to Prudential Center?

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    Interesting question, but completely off topic.

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    Ignore users feature?

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    Can I pay for uHub premium with a ignore users feature?

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    One can just use simple observation.

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    When you work with this medium long enough, you can train yourself to look at details before reading the spiel. Scrolling is your friend.

    I've already spotted many of the religulids, glibertarians and typical masshole right wing hard guys who would be my natural adversaries.

    They are easy to spot. They are usually slagging poor colored people in dog whistle ways, scoffing at anything that isn't about primacy of the individual, puffing chests about some real or imagined credential or maintaining a hair trigger readiness to declare something wrong at the expense of reading comprehension.

    And I should hope they attain comparable skills at ignoring me.

    Disqus may have an ignore feature. But it is such a crappy platform in other ways, I'm already seeing some of the sites stuck with it making it optional.

    I like how Google now requires users to provide better verification by demanding a cell phone number and Google Plus is about as well mannered as any place as you're likely to find.

    It's funny. I actually have more fans and followers over there than U Hub has from facebook but you surely deserve more for the quasi thankless task of running this thing.

    If you install a gurgle plus widget, I'll use it a lot and if you have some kind of analytics element, you'll probably be seeing traffic from overseas from the things I already posted.

    I try to do my part by hoisting some of your pieces every week to share with an Urban Travel community I belong to.

    And this coverage of the firefighter tragedy has been a thing of rare quality in a mecca of mediocrity and sophomorism that is ouah beloved Boston.

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