Lightning hits South Boston house

Aftermath of a lightning strike

Mark Bolster watched firefighters take care of business after lightning hit a house on W. 4 Street at F this morning.



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Let the Southie bashing commence!

Actually, I don't really want to bash Southie; I was just surprised the dude who always says that defensively in every Southie-related story here hasn't shown up yet.

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lightning. Get a life. Strike somewhere else.

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Why don't they just call

Why don't they just call their neighbors and make a bucket brigade instead of wasting taxpayer dollars on this crap?

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Feel free to mock

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'Old, racist, white guys', a favorite topic of yours. I'm sure there were a few 'old, racist, white guys' among the firefighters, or certainly some middle aged or young 'racist white guys'.

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Can't blame the yuppies

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One roof deck fire in Boston you can't blame on the yuppy numb nuts.

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Good luck

They will probably end up rewiring the entire house and buying all new stuff that was plugged into it.

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Panel surge protectors

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Are a great investment. Short money, like a few hundred bucks, but it can protect the part of your house that isnt on the circuit that gets the strike. Mine came with a $50,000 warranty on equipment and repair if it fails.

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Those are a good investment,

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Those are a good investment, they are cheap to install and protect against most surges.

For a lightning strike though, if it actually strikes the house, it can just blow wires right out of the walls. I saw this first hand when lightning struck near our barn where I grew up. A little surge suppressor gap surely won't stop that!

Maybe some lightning rods! Now that's proven technology!

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