Linehan becomes next City Council president

By an 8-5 vote today, the Dorchester Reporter reports. New at-large Councilor Michelle Wu voted for him over at-large Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

In addition to naming chairs of council committees and presiding over council meetings, Linehan would become mayor should anything happen to Marty Walsh.



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Glad to see that councilor Wu kept her promise to vote for Linehan . Politics aside a person is only as good as his/her word

That is disappointing!

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That is disappointing!

I voted for Pressley -- and not for Michelle Wu -- because I wanted to send the message that I like Pressley's leadership, and to see her as top vote-getter citywide. I also voted for a couple of other at-large candidates who I liked.

People voted for Wu because she seemed to be a good candidate ... but she really has no track record yet.

So he gets

the Burger King crown. Did we not learn anything from the last 20 years? We have a strong Mayor and people known as councilors that march in parades and go to ribbon cuttings.

The only place in City Hall not full of sh*t

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The executive washroom key granted to each city council president is part of a very exclusive club in City Hall. The executive washroom isn't entirely made of concrete, has the special velvet soft quadruple ply paper, stunning bronze fixtures from Germany, and an attendant to dutifully clean the room after every use.

A touch of the bigot..

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After seeing so many other posts from 'anon' on this blog, it's pretty clear to many that his apparent hatred and loathing of Linehan and pretty much all things South Boston is based on a sick prejudice against Irish Catholics who live in working class neighborhoods. You anon, are a bigot..

Oh Ha Ha

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sick prejudice against Irish Catholics who live in working class neighborhoods

When somebody is denied housing, decent schooling, or other needs in life based on any of this, maybe people will believe there is meaningful bigotry.

You're playing on easy mode. Deal.

Bunch of bigots here

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And they're not afraid to show their disdain for white, male, Irish and Catholics. Almost like the Globe in the 1800's up to and including today.


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$80k a year for 3 meetings a month. Definitely seeing our money's worth there!

What's your money worth?

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Would you rather the city's best and brightest run the city? Because at only $80k/yr I can guarantee you that you aren't getting them.

Who paid for the Pressley robocalls?

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Last night at about 6:45 I received a robocall urging me to contact my district councilor in support of Pressley. She was described as a progressive coalition builder - and I am pretty sure they used the trite "New Boston" expression as well. Linehan was called the most conservative councilor. I did not click "1" to be connected directly to my councilor, but waited to hear who paid for it. It was some group called "Boston First." Who are they? It was a Quincy phone number.

Boston First appears to be a

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Boston First appears to be a front for the Mass Women's Political Caucus. Sheila Capone is the Executive Director of the Mass Women's Political Caucus. So there's your likely answer, the MWPC bought the calls.

Ross over Golar-Ritchie?

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Very peculiar that Ross got their money, since Charlotte was running. There is a story there.

Sheila isn't there

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She's former director of MWPC. Priti Rao is current ED (though she's leaving soon)

Voted in by a "jury of his peers".

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So 20 years from now when all the Southie haters are badmouthing him, you have no argument. Just like the longest running City Council President Jimmy Kelly, voted in by those you voted for. Congrats Bill!


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Wu won't get my vote next time.

Grow Up

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Making deals is what politics is all about. They all do it, whether left, right or center.

I didn't vote for either of them.

I didn't trust Ms. Wu. Now that this has happened, my intuition was right.

Mr. Linehan never answered me on gun ownership. I asked if he'd help protect the rights of legal gun owners in Boston, and he never responded. His response was to ignore me just like Coakley.

Vote Breakdown

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Baker, Ciommo, Flaherty, LaMattina, McCarthy, Murphy, Wu for Linehan
Jackson, O'Malley and Zakim for Pressley

So, Linehan didn't need Wu

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And Yancey voted present.

Honestly, Wu made a political, not ideological, decision. If Linehan made her a good offer (committee slots, agreement to allow legislation) it was in her best interest to support him.

That's politics at its simplest. All else is dressing.

I voted for Wu because she impressed me, not due to ideology. She hasn't done anything either way to change my opinion. We'll see where she stands in September of 2015.


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Sorry - my bad. Yancey was presiding at the time so I forgot to include him.

Yancey voted for Pressley but Linehan still had enough by the time they got to Michelle Wu.


Baker, Ciommo, Flaherty, LaMattina, McCarthy, Murphy, Wu for Linehan (8)
Jackson, O'Malley, Yancey and Zakim for Pressley (5)

Council President Linehan

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It has a nice sound to it! Get over it. Another election victory by someone who was written off by the South Boston haters. Happy New Year everyone!

He was written off for being

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He was written off for being incompetent, not because he's from South Boston. Personally i'm just excited to see some diversity in this city's leadership.

He never will recover

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Linehan beclowned himself by trying to grab the St. Patrick's Day breakfast, as far as I'm concerned.