Lions and tigers and brides, oh my!

An Oz wedding procession

Redsox223 came across an unusual wedding procession at Trinity Church on Sunday. And then they all went off in search of the wizard.

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Something useful!

I always used the Loo's at the Pru.

He's just listing the options

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The poor Oz characters seemed headed to the BPL in another photo (sans wedding party.). Perhaps Don wanted to list the options out there.

Of course, if they are having the reception at the grand BPL, they're shit out of luck.

ZOMG attention WHORES

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Because they are only doing this so everyone will look at them, not because they just want to.

Its all about ME ME ME and what I look at! Be normal already so I won't look!

(sorry, had to play this card given the last two threads where being different was called names)

Well, there are different kinds of different.

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Intrinsic and extrinsic.

The first is like being from far away, or unusually tall, short etc.

The second does tend to resemble interpersonal marketing and raising brand awareness.

Maybe that's what drives the visceral loathing and scoffing? It does help me fulfill my scoff quota as an aging Boomer Punk Rock Pest.

We are pummeled from every direction by promptings to pay attention to something someone wants to sell us to a point where it makes some people withdraw or recoil.

I find ignoring it all works well and a great way to practice is by paying no attention whatever.

My favorite way to exercise my ignore 'muscle' is to reflexively avert my eyes at all projections of allure that are designed to make a guy stare.

I pretend I've stumbled upon some hideously disfigured wretch and opt to protect them from the ordeal of being stared at. It's like zen applied to the cognitive.

It works fairly well and the change up of sense ratios makes me more alert to other compelling things I'd miss if so distracted.

My theory....

... is that whatever people do to have fun that doesn't hurt me or anyone else (who is reasonably reasonable), is not an appropriate topic for complaint. Let people have all the safe and innocent fun they want -- even if the point of the behavior totally eludes an old fuddy-duddy like myself.

Please stop it

Every time I hear or read "Noun and Noun and Noun, oh my!" I reach for my revolver.

That's nothing

I once killed a man for cracking nuts for no other reason but that I have hazel eyes.


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I laughed. The Witch donated to Dems 20 years ago as well, did she not?