A little bit of farm country on Mission Hill

Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad trailer on Mission Hill

Lord only knows how long this trailer from the Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad has been sitting in a pretty much vacant lot on Terrace Street, but it can't be earlier than 1977, when that Illinois railroad was founded to serve the grain elevators and agricultural-chemical companies of the rural areas south of Chicago.



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      I can't find it in any of the Google Street views or sky views of Terrace St which are all dated 2014. So, I'm thinking it hasn't been there that long.

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      This is the second train car

      This is the second train car on Mission Hill! There's one visible from Huntington through an overgrown lot, looks like it's being used as a garden shed.

      Now, the obvious question: how the hell did they get there?

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      Where's this?

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      I'd be interested to know where the railroad car is.

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      Not so unusual

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      After railroad deregulation in the 1980s, it was very common for the new generation of short line railroads like the KBS to purchase freight cars and truck trailers with the railroad name on them, then lease that same equipment to other companies. Much of that same equipment was later sold off, so this could just be a KBS trailer that was sold but never repainted.

      If you look closely at the makeup of the New Hampshire Northern sand and gravel trains that come into Boston Sand and Gravel daily, you'll note that a number of the hopper cars are a faded blue color. This is because the NHN originally leased them from the Georgetown Railroad (GRR) in Texas before purchasing them outright. GRR has always been an interesting operation. It's rumored that, at one point, they were so heavy into the freight-car leasing game that they had at least twice as many freight cars than they did track to store them on.

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