The little fusion reactor that could - with the help of some friends in Washington

The Globe has a sausage-factory look at how MIT beat back the Obama administration and won funding for its fusion reactor, at least through 2016.



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"Fusion produces energy when

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"Fusion produces energy when hydrogen nuclei combine, with helium as its harmless byproduct. The potential for nearly limitless, cheap, efficient fuel that does not harm the environment has long made nuclear fusion the “holy grail” of energy."

Helium , Jerry , Helium...... sweet niblets ! Hydrogen is our friend !

what about all the MIT alumni busses parked illegally

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...a few days ago, taking up 2-3 city blocks worth of Mass Ave, jamming up traffic all the way to the bridge. One entire traffic lane and the bike lane, gone.

Mayor's office ignored it, BTD ignored it, Boston Police ignored it (three officers on site at the BSO building.)

Apparently MIT can't afford to get special event parking permits so their busses can park legally? Or is it that MIT alumni rocket scientists can't figure out how to use public transit to get where they need to go?

Yeah that's MUCH more important...

The topic is about the possibility of changing US and world energy production and you want to whine about illegal parking in Boston. That sounds just about typical of our general public.

Across the river?

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Isn't MIT in Cambridge? BTD, BPD and Mayor's office would be hard pressed to do anything about this.

this was about Tech Night at the Pops

which was a Thursday alumni event at Symphony Hall. Enough people attend this event that they would overwhelm the MBTA #1 bus line.

(and Chris, there are still MIT frats and independent living groups across the river on Beacon St, Comm Ave, and Bay State Road)

I figured they'd hold on to that real estate.

Pi Lam was killer, river views, posh address etc.

They even had the door unlocked for part of that summer cause a huge crew jock named 'Tree' came home drunk and twisted the door knob out after failing to find his key.

I was up in Hamilton today walking through another piece of Harvard property in a place much further than Boston. The Harvard Forestry School has odd holdings all over the place.


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They were given a pass for MIT graduation? It happens once a year. The week after Harvard's graduation.

Maybe you look at the bigger picture. Perhaps BC and BU make use of Cambridge streets once a year? Or there is some other quid pro quo that the two cities share?

Why you gotta be so negative? (aka pissy?)

uh, Senator Warren? That's the Staples "Easy" button....

Senator Elizabeth Warren placed her hand atop a large red button and pressed firmly, restarting a nuclear experiment that MIT believes could help save the planet

Now THAT's an MIT prank. They had her press the 'EASY' button from Staples to 'start the reactor'.

I love it!