Local architects on proposed Everett casino: Blecch

The Boston Business Journal reports the Massachusetts chapter of the American Institute of Architects finds the Mohegan Sun proposal for Revere much better on the outside.



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    It's too bad, because the flagship Wynn hotel in Vegas is a pretty nice looking building from afar, at least for a megalithic casino. The inside.... not so much, although it's a casino so that's to be expected.

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    Suburban Office Park

    Meets boring airport hotel.

    It doesn't say "waterfront playpen and luxury funtime" to me.

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    Boring airport hotel?

    Don't say it too loudly or Silber will return from the grave to foist more terrible architecture on the greater BU area.

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    Did they read the right plans?

    I'll confess the Wynn tower looks pretty generic, but the plan has some great waterfront public space. The Revere plan looks like a 50's relic.

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    Seeing as Steve Wynn was the

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    Seeing as Steve Wynn was the original owner of the mirage, I'm guessing that upon sale of the mirage he put some language in the contract that allowed him to use whatever design he wants.

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    How to both win and diversify

    I think the greatest proposal possible (or maybe not possible due to the set up of the system) would be to create a massive mixed use development, with the license blanketed over the entire project. Imagine if either the Everett or Revere proposal was a large mixed use village, a la Assembly Sq, but on a slightly larger scale. All ground floors would be retail, pubs, entertainment, and gambling areas. If that doesn't work and each building is considering a separate gambling venue in need of its own license, then connect them in the basement level or via gerbil tube system. Most buildings could be hotels, but some could have apartments and offices if they can do it. Definitely would need a transit option at Everett, though. Extend the Silver Line Gateway project's scope to extend it from Mystic Mall to Sullivan Sq, with a stop along the way.


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