Local bar association to Suffolk-hating blog: You take that back!

The Boston Business Journal tells you more than you probably need to know about a snarky legal blog, Suffolk University's recent series of We-Rule ads and the president of the Boston Bar Association.



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    Delicate Attorney Fifi's

    ..sorely wounded in Boston.

    Jeeze, they really don't get how the web works.

    If you really don't like something, never, ever mention it.

    And if you must, ..use veiled vague reference terms that work for a few in the know but are mysterious to most.

    I love that trick as it makes the opposition run around trying to guess who you're slagging. I had a bunch of crappy jazz writers trying to figure out who 'The Pudgy Dunce' was for several years.

    The blogger must love all that free advertising from a fairly high traffic regional biz news organ.

    A search algorithm can't distinguish between 'bad' and 'good', it just spots reference frequency or traffic patterns to reference source.

    So Mr. Wounded Fifi Esq. gave the offending blog killer page ranking upgrades and a basket of related SEO treats.Everyone will naturally click on the blog url to see what's up.

    The professional classes here really don't seem to understand that system and they flounder around wonderfully in it .

    Look at how much more skillful the readership here is at ignoring my horseshit.

    UHub ..the cutting edge of Boston's web cognoscenti.

    It's our very own diamond in the coal bin of Boston media and shillery.

    Above The Law

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    Is actually a pretty widely read site and quite a good one too.
    It's especially popular amongst the younger set of law students, employees at law firms, and litigation support firms.

    Funny how Suffolk does not know, libel laws do not apply when something is being stated as an opinion on the internet about how some place sucks. It does not matter how butthurt one feels.

    Wrong again

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    abovethelaw.com 678.4K US 760.9K Global

    Not 2.5 million. But 760K pathetic losers that slurp a fat black sap named Elie, that's popularity holmes.

    Either way

    I think 760k qualifies as "popular". But thanks for showing us what you're made of.


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    That's about the size of firm associates worldwide trolling that awful site for bonus details or layoffs every quarter. ATL sucks ass and is not popular.

    See Scratch..

    ..it worked for you.

    And you prove my point about the higher web sophistication attainments of U Hub users over Attorney spokespersons.

    Haven't looked at Quantcast in a while, I like the new layout.

    See Scratch..

    ..it worked for you.

    And you prove my point about the higher web sophistication attainments of U Hub users over Attorney spokespersons. You did look it up. Too bd the Spokesperson for Suffolk didn't.

    Haven't looked at Quantcast in a while, I like the new layout.

    Uniques are at 750k but they are pretty loyal with clicks and page views at 5.6 million which tells us that users visit it a lot more than the single article in BBC.

    Now it'll be interesting to look at it in a week to see if there was a click advantage from the BBJ Whine fest.

    The thing that bugs ME about their ads is...

    The whole narrative of "if you want REAL success, not INHERITED success, come to Suffolk!"

    As if the distinction means anything? Either way, you succeed. As much as I'd love it if hard work mattered more than family connections, we all know that to be untrue.

    Those ads are pathetic

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    I don't mean the ones about the state judges, I haven't seen those, but the ones that say things like, "our students have their noses to the grindstone, not stuck up in the air," are just sad and reek of inferiority complex.

    How about

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    How about "A Ph.D. program so selective, it's almost a privilege being rejected?"

    Yeah, those ads totally turn

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    Yeah, those ads totally turn me off to Suffolk. Did they do any research to see if this campaign actually makes people want to apply there?

    Suffolk University

    allows the ethically absent Beacon Hill Institute to operate a pay for opinion business out of the school. Enough said.

    Classy Attorneys

    ..try to make themselves helpful as advocates like one I know of who was part of this


    She got a pretty good crowd out at 8 am this morning to stand in an abnormally bleak spot where Cambridge st collides with the Pike and people keep getting injured and killed.

    The cops were great too.

    Elie Mystal

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    Looks like ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag and has a girl's name.

    Boo hoo

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    He's black and sucks at life almost as much as you.

    As a Suffolk Graduate

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    I cringe every time I see one of these embarrassing ads on the T.

    Can't they both be right?

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    Above the Law is right to point out that Suffolk University claiming more MA judges than Harvard or Yale is meaningless and any student who signs up because of that is stupid.

    The bar association is right to point out that Above the Law is being obnoxious and could have pointed out that Harvard and Yale law grads are aiming for a completely different subset of jobs than Suffolk grads without back-handedly insulting the state judiciary in the process.

    Does this rise to the level of a lawsuit? No. Shut up and go lawyer somewhere else.