Local reporter sues NYPD over alleged beating during Occupy Wall Street

The New York Daily News reports that Chris Faraone, now at the Dig, yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the New York Police Department, alleging its officers beat him as he covered Occupation Wall Street for the Phoenix last year.



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    i have been doing it wrong

    He was "directed and/or threatened by the defendants to cease his journalism/reporting activities in the city.”

    I have been hoping he would stop writing and never considered violence. And for God's sake please do not refer to what he does as "journalism".


    Doesn't surprise me

    Have NYC cops enjoyed a reign of impunity under Bloomberg? The recording of two cops treating a kid like he was subhuman -simply because the kid was the wrong color at the wrong place - doesn't bespeak well for what cops could do under Mayor Billionaire.


    Good reporting

    Mr. Faraone provided some good reporting on Boston's mayoral race.

    What exactly did he do or write that might cause all these posers in the comments to criticize him? Did he cross the line from journalist to citizen activist? Or was he he just in the wrong place when the people he was reporting on pushed their constitutional rights?

    Obviously, the courts will decide whether his rights were violated in New York - let's see what the facts in the case say.