Longtime shop at Ruggles T stop shutting down

Andea Hill notes that A Nubian Notion inside the Orange Line station has a sign posted that it's closing on Wednesday due to a rent dispute with the MBTA - after 20 years in the space.



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Visit our newly renovated

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Visit our newly renovated location at 41 Warren St. in Roxbury, MA

I remember seeing them all over the place at one time , but that one above is current from their web site.

That place goes way back

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That place goes way back. Even before it's current location it was in the area since the early 70s. It started out as a sort of headshop.

The retail spaces at Ruggles

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The retail spaces at Ruggles are weirdly underutilized for a busy commuter station and 24hr student population. The Strive Employment office has been vacant for years and the whole upper bus way concourse could fit several stores/kiosk vendors the full length. Yet the only stuff added over the years are ATMs and the Dunkin Donuts.


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What will they do with all the records in the basement?