Looking for a car vandal on Savin Hill

Vandalized car on Savin Hill

Natural reports a friend's wife went out this morning to find her SUV with slashed tires and some fresh obscenity on the side.



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wonder who she pissed off

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I can't imagine this is random. she must of pissed someone off or stole a space?

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Stole a space

You mean, parked in somebody's privately-owned drive way (or blocking it)?

You can't steal something from somebody if they don't own it.

Also, my niece's d-bag now ex-husband has pulled this crap a couple of times - it could be a domestic violence incident.

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Twitter background

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classy pic. The "good old days" of Boston, huh?

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Romani ite domum

Now write it out 100 times...and if it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your balls off.

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I'll start.....

Hey Natural,, maybe if your friends wife wasn't such a C-bag, she wouldn't have gotten her car vandalized.

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Not victim-blaming

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just amateur detective-work. If every car on the block got tagged and slashed that might point one way. If she's the only one who got hit, it might well indicate that it's someone with a specific personal grudge (and who knows who she is, though in the UK, see-you-on-Tuesday is used for men and women alike, not so much here).

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I think you mean "see you next Tuesday" ... ;-)

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I am lousy with acronyms.

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but if we have no idea whether or why there's a grudge....

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... then this IS victim-blaming

Just a few possible explanations, of many others:
1) she was a jackass to someone, somewhere, probably very recently
2) she parked her car in the public property in front of someone's house who likes to park their own car there
3) she told someone off who deserved it
4) she wouldn't return someone's affection, keep their secret, put their kid on whatever team, etc
5) whoever did it thought the car belonged to someone else

Detective work does not equal knee jerk speculation like: "Well, it's only the one car, so she must have been asking for it." I don't know the victim, her husband or the neighborhood. But I know I'd be scared to see this on my car.

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Again...not victim blaming

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Only drawing a possible personal connection. All it means is that she may have a cowardly, foul-mouthed jerk angry at her, not that she necessarily deserves it in any way.

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That'll ruin your morning. I

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That'll ruin your morning. I'm sure they have some idea who the suspect is, not too many random car vandals.

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