Looks like they've finally updated the Big Wheel

Big Wheel in Boston

Eastie Strong photographed a big boy with his big toy roaming Cambridge today, wonders what the deal is.



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      A large tricycle?

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      This reminds me of the motorized gigantic (compared to a normal trike) tricycle I've seen a fellow ride in JP.

      The license plate is so cute: NMBR1. A cousin of the ever so wise and gracious fellow who fires by email, Daffy Donald Trump.

      Yes, tricycle

      It turns out that 3 wheeled vehicles are legally treated as motorcycles, hence no crash standards, testing, and other barriers to design, or efficiency.

      3 in this area: Red, blue,

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      3 in this area: Red, blue, and orange. I think they are all owned by local musicians/promoters that know each other.

      It's called a T-Rex

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      and a new one will set you back around 65K.......

      Nice, but I could think of much better uses for that amount of money.....

      T-rexes are fun as hell to

      T-rexes are fun as hell to drive, espically when you've got a good quarter mile to haul ass in.

      There's also an orange one I've ridden next to somewhere in Watertown.

      Am I the only one?

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      Am I the only one who thinks these things look like motorcycles with training wheels?


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      They have updated the big wheel! And as ironic luck/laugh at idiots/they are usually driven by middle aged children with midlife issues/trying to relive or revive their youth who probably should be with their families or solidifying the insurance, are out looking like idiots who probably aren't properly insured i.e. life,accidental death,term etc etc.

      How's the mud?

      You're in up to your knees, so I thought I'd ask.

      Reliving your youth is probably healthier than standing in the muck, waving a resentful fist at people who dare not live like you do.