Looks like this time superchef Mario Batali will really be able to sell pizzas in the Innovation District

The Globe reports New Yorker Mario Batali is opening a wood-fired pizza place on Fan Pier.

You may recall how last year, Batali was all set to buy Todd English's liquor license from his defunct Kingfish Hall for a wood-fired pizza place on Summer Street, only there was all the unpleasantness over English's license being seized and all and then Batali's would-be landlord had second thoughts about putting in a wood-fired pizza oven.



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Batali is all about making

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Batali is all about making money now, I bet any amount that this new pizza place will not last at the waterfront, obviously it will be high end, which means astronomical prices on menu, I'll stick with Santarpios Pizza one T stop away..

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