Lost giraffe seeks way home

Lost giraffe

Marcin Kunicki reports he found this giraffe near Community Boating on the Esplanade, hopes somebody knows whose it is.



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A tear...

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Always bums me out to see a lost teddy. Hopefully it was one of those "peripheral" teddies that come and go and not THE teddy whose loss will be greatly mourned.

Pro tip: buy 2 snuggles.

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Keep a backup. Rotate it in with a wash of the other.
Learned this the hardway. They can go to the doctors and still come back, among other things.

I Think It Means The Giraffe May Acquire Pathogens At The Office

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Upon returning home, it can go directly into the laundry, and the alternate giraffe will be there to take its place.

Elmer's laundry tip: Pay a little extra ($50 - $100) to get a washer that has an NSF compliant sanitation cycle. It works like a dishwasher, in that there's a booster heater that raises the water temperature high enough to kill many nasty things that a regular washer can't.

It's also worth getting a washer with a higher extraction speed; you won't necessarily need a dryer at all!