On loving Boston

Lorianne recounts a Saturday night in the Back Bay that included strolling around, paying homage at 298 Beacon and a concert by an Indian musician at Symphony Hall:

“We are Boston,” those gold and blue banners proclaimed, and on Sunday night, it felt like loving Boston was one and the same as loving the whole wide world.



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      Boston is often most impressive

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      ...when it gives up trying, (to reshape a Joni Mitchell lyric).

      When the mawkish boosterism switch is clicked off, a charming chunk of the old world grafted onto the new is there to be appreciated readily.

      Nice blog post. I hoisted it for my Urban Travel crew.

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      Boston is often most

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      Boston is often most impressive...when it gives up trying

      Thanks for the backhanded compliment, Chris Rich.

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      Boston's alright if you're

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      Boston's alright if you're the kind of person who lives in Newton and comes into the city to go to the Symphony.

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      Not any Indian musician

      (Ustad) Zakir Hussain is a Master of the tabla, much like calling Joshua Bell a fiddle player. The blog post notes slow traffic and late arrivals, even on a Sunday. Its a good show to bring kids to, much like Peter and the Wolf, giving them a greater appreciation of music while also wowing the adults too.

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