Luis Arroyo of Mattapan, Boston's fourth murder victim, was buried today

Luis Arroyo

Luis Arroyo, 21, was buried today in St. Michael Cemetery in Roslindale. He leaves his parents, Angel Arroyo and Jocelyn Duran.

Arroyo was shot to death at Blue Hill Avenue and Evelyn Street on Saturday.



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    Sad News

    Thank you, Adam, for posting this sad news. This student briefly attended the BPS school where I work and we never would have known otherwise. We will follow up with students who knew him and his family. I'm very glad you continue to pay attention to important events that go overlooked and under-reported by the mainstream media. It's a huge service. Please keep it up.

    And as for the raging debate on this thread, I think two things are true: 1) Boston does have more resources and less crime than other places and 2) it's still not enough and no consolation those to who live with its effects, like the family and friends of Luis Arroyo. Even if zero violence is a long way off, it is possible. Just look at the many safe places in America. Why can't they all be like that? Our answer to that question says a lot about each of us.


    I agree

    I am amazed just how entrenched the stop snitching attitude is in communities of "color". I have even heard that nonsense from a jail guard and an executive I work with. As long as criminals find sanctuary among residents who don't cooperate with the law, the violence will continue. Regardless of how many candle light vigils we hold and how many candle and teddy bear lined memorials pop up on street corners.


    At boston Bloak

    "" BOston Bloak " I am amazed just how entrenched the stop snitching attitude is in communities of "color",, Lets not forget Charles Town 's

    'CODE OF SILENCE', its not just communites of COLOR who turn a blind EYE to CRIME.