Man acquitted for 2010 Dorchester murder

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today found Lavonrence Perkins, 23, of Mattapan, not guilty for the shooting murder of Cordell McAfee at Dorchester Avenue and Roseland Street on May 7, 2010, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors had alleged that Perkins ran up to a porch where McAfee was sitting with relatives and shot him.

This was Perkins' second trial for the murder; the first, in 2012, ended with a hung jury for both him and Adam Simkins, also charged with murder. The DA's office reports Simkins is awaiting his own new trial for the murder.



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    Wait, murder is now legal in

    By on

    Wait, murder is now legal in MA? What's next, legalize illegal drugs?! Wait, Uh, nevermind. You got me good on this one MA justice system i am at a loss of words

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    It's tough

    By on

    It's tough to convict someone when not witnesses will testify in court. This is the scourge of the inner city at this point. People are afraid to testify, lest they end up shot themselves.

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    How the hell

    By on

    Were relatives on the porch and this guy couldn't get convicted?!

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    Maybe he did not do it.....

    By on

    Maybe he did not do it..... You know there are innocent people out there. And there is still one more person to go up for trial on this

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    I wasn't there if he was

    By on

    I wasn't there if he was guilty and got off he will kill again second thing that can happen is he is killed by the victim friends this cycle won't stop once these boys pick up a gun and do something reckless they can't put the gun down its now kill or be killed imagine that don't own nothing pay taxes but own streets and corners can't piss straight but wanna shoot a gun and you mothers who take the drug money when your son is killed while selling remember your just as guilty as the shooter you took the money he took the life.

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    Words from a Juror on this Trial

    By on

    I was a juror on this trial, and the evidence was just not there to convict Perkins of murder and send him to prison for the rest of his life. There was no forensic evidence tying Perkins to the murder, and the only eyewitness who IDd him as one of the shooters was not credible. She positively IDd someone as the other shooter, whom police cleared as a possible culprit very quickly. There were also other inconsistencies in her story. Based on what was presented at the trial, I'm honestly surprised this case was ever prosecuted.

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