Man, Allston Christmas just seems to come earlier every year

Allston Christmas pickings

Andrea Crossan shows us the scene on Islington Road in Allston this morning.



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    What a smart decision to

    What a smart decision to leave these out the day it rains all day. Maybe it's a strategy to drown the bedbugs?

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    Looks like trash

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    These actually look like items being thrown out rather than brought in. Notice garbage bag with old egg cartons, etc. Plus, they appear to be left at the curb.

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    If those egg cartons are

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    If those egg cartons are actually being thrown out in a plastic bag, so much for today's youth recycling and caring about the environment.

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    Don't put all the youth in one egg carton

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    "ok, we are done here"

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    lets just leave all our shit behind for the people who actually give a shit to clean up!

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    Opening a dump in your back yard?

    You could charge a tipping fee, then have a huge permanent Yankee yard sale.

    Otherwise, what the hell are they supposed to do with stuff? At least they are smart enough to either 1) move out early or 2) start shedding stuff on trash days leading up the the move.

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    What are they supposed to do

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    What are they supposed to do with stuff? Sell it. Or donate it to charity. There are many, but the first that comes to mind is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Some organizations will even pick it up.

    But just tossing it on the street? That's a waste of resources: the building materials and labor used to make the furniture, the fuel used to transport that furniture from factory to store to home, the city's resources used picking up all that furniture in garbage trucks, landfill space, etc.

    (Yes, I know the couch could have bedbugs, but that chest of drawers sure won't harbor them long.)

    Not to mention that that couch is blocking the sidewalk.

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    You ever try to make a donation that way?

    You have to be at home.

    You can't put things out and leave.

    They give you a large window of time that is often inconvenient due to the above restrictions.

    In other words, it works if you got a new couch and work from home or were planning to be home all day anyway. It doesn't work otherwise.

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    interestingly, this may be

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    interestingly, this may be due to technology.

    Delivery drivers relying on GPS that don't know to stay off Storrow rather than paper maps that show the restriction

    College kids that now all google "moving to Boston" and see "Don't take Storrow" in all the advice.

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    You guys. Ease up.

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    A few points:

    1. It's trash day today on that street. Sometimes it rains on trash day.
    2. Just a nit-picky thing: the name of the street is actually Islington Street, not Road.
    3. No, this is not my stuff.

    - Chris

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    which reminds me

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    if anyone sees a mini fridge in good condition, please let me know

    Man the office fridge is jammed. Need one for my office.

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    Thank you!

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    That Allston Christmas creep...

    Sigh. It just feels like we're losing the *true* meaning of Allston Christmas. You know, desperate college students resorting to a state of pure anarchy.

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    Fat nits nipping at your nose

    ..we know that there's dread.
    every year at this time.
    Allston xmas ooh nooes.

    We know that Anwar's on his way
    He's got lots of mold and vermin to display..

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