Man charged as Allston peeper

Genesio Cassimiro, 51, of Allston, was arrested last night on Gardner Street on a charge of being a peeping Tom, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Officials are investigating whether he's the same alleged creep captured on video at a Brighton apartment last week, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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What's the deal with peeping

What's the deal with peeping toms lately? There was that guy in JP, or Roslindale, or Brookline (I can't remember which community--but over by Jamaica Pond) a couple years ago, some kind of foot-tickler in Brighton recently, and now this.

I think I would have freaked out and run away if I noticed that some guy was trying to peep into my window. Making a video seems pretty level headed. Wonder if the apartment dweller called BPD, and if so, what BPD's reaction was.

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His movie career

hit its low point last week. He is sure to find some stage work at the Nashua Street Theatre.

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