Man convicted of killing a sleeping cop in 1993 seeks new trial

Boston Indymedia reports the attorney for Sean Ellis, convicted of shooting Det. John Mulligan to death while he slept in front of a Roslindale Walgreens, says she has new evidence to prove his innocence - and to show that Mulligan had plenty of other people who might have wanted him dead.



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    I Smell a Rat

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    Something's fishy here. This article suggests right up front that Terry Patterson, the accessory to Mulligan's murder, was framed. And yet Patterson pleaded guilty, which this author never acknowledges.
    In fact, the whole thing reads like a defense attorney wrote it, like if I actually Googled all the things I half-remember then I would find out she was intentionally not telling me half the story.

    Why is that surprising? From

    Why is that surprising? From the article you posted:

    "...and received a prison sentence expected to result in his release this summer."

    If the alternative was to be railroaded like Ellis and die in jail, why *wouldn't* he plead guilty?

    Sounds like Mulligan and his cronies were as crooked as the day is long.


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    You mean "convicted?"

    I don't think you read the whole article. The guy admitted to police that he was there for the murder before he pleaded guilty. He put himself right in the jackpot.

    I'll have to conform this tomorrow but....

    I'm pretty sure Ellis's girlfriend testified that Ellis had hidden two guns that were confirmed to have been used in this shooting. When the police were notified of this, the guns were found, including mulligans.

    There were some issues with jury instructions, double jeapordy issues and a police interview where one suspect ratted put the other, but the real evidence was there. 2 guns were found because of Ellis's girlfriend and another friend told the police what Ellis had done. unless those two were involved, the fact remains that Ellis at least knew about two guns that were used in this murder.