Man goes on carjacking spree that starts in Newton, ends with a crash in Bedford

Bedford crash scene

End of the line in Bedford. Photo by Billerica PD.

Brian D'Amico reports state and local police doggedly pursued a man who carjacked a woman in Newton, rammed into three cars in West Newton, got shot at by police, carjacked another person in Billerica, carjacked yet another person in Concord, then kept on going until he crashed into a pole and a tree on Springs Road in Bedford. He may have also found time to shoot somebody in Carlisle.

The chase began near Washington and Watertown streets in West Newton, which remains shut for an investigation. Janine Stewart reports it was her mother who was held up:

The Acura TL was my mother's car. The guy came to her door and told her he side swiped her car. When she went outside he lifted his shirt to expose a gun and took off in the car. ... Thankfully, she's OK.



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I'd like to think this guy

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I'd like to think this guy would be put away for life but the likes of Judge Dougan will make sure he is out in time for supper.

Even Judge Dougan would

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Even Judge Dougan would likely hold this clown - he usually holds folks charged with life felonies.

Going away for life

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He did it in rich white suburbs (i.e. too close to home,) not dot/rox/'pan.

Claim it was due to anti

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Claim it was due to anti-depressants. Rehab=get of jail free card in the burbs.


All other unbelievable crimes and villainy aside; how do you drive through a checkpoint on an active base and then leave with your head still on your shoulders?

I read on CBS Boston that he

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I read on CBS Boston that he did not enter the base. No one enters the base, especially speeding with cruisers in persuit. That place is locked up pretty tight.
CBS Boston said he aimed for the gates and turned around as he was greeted with security (heavily armed I assume).

Washington & Watertown is

Washington & Watertown is about 50 feet from the Newton Police Department HQ.

They also had a lockdown at my kid's elementary school for about 40 minutes around the same time, but wouldn't say what the cause was.


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I'm wondering if this is the first time that Bedford PD has ever fired their weapons outside of a range. I'm impressed they actually had spike strips...

Do we know what he did

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Do we know what he did previously?

Police Briefs 07-03-2012
Donald G. Hall, 26, of 18 Cleveland Avenue was charged with an arrest warrant.

Police Briefs 12-28-2011
Donald Hall, 26, 18 Cleveland Ave., Everett, was arrested on a warrant.