Man only swam with the fishes, since they weren't hungry at the time

The Patriot Ledger reports a Quincy man caused a bit of a splash in court on Friday when he was arraigned on charges of jumping into the central tank at the New England Aquarium.

"Fortunately the sharks had already been fed," Wark said in an email Sunday



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The sharks..

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Were not attracted to the unique oil slick exuded by the Granite City-ite.

There was a story about the

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There was a story about the former theater tech advisor at Harvard. He designed the lighting for the penguin exhibit. It was said that as part of the deal, he had permission to swim with the penguins any time he wanted. Cool story, if true.

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Hey Adam I keep getting a pop up prompt for FarmVille while reading this on my phone.

My apologies

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I WILL work on this today. The problem is you guys are getting the desktop version of the site, which calls up Google ads, rather than the mobile version of the site, which does not (the problem is scammers keep buying Google ads aimed at mobile users). What browser are you using?


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Shouldn't it have read "Unfortunately, the sharks had already been fed..." ??

Not a typo

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Not a typo. We don't want the sharks to consume anything that might be contaminated and make them sick.